Business meetings, tight schedules, business development activities, conferences, product launches and a heap of other responsibilities leave the CEO and associated management team exhausted, stressed and wanting for some relief out of physical and mental stress.

Here we discuss some ways and techniques that can help the CEO to relieve stress and tension:

Beautify the Surroundings

A chaotic, dimly lit and disheveled office creates negativity and turns the atmosphere gloomy. On the contrary, a well decorated, adequately illuminated and clutter-free office is all you want for a happy beginning of the day.

Some simple Feng Shui tips or adding some living plants to office interior can be enough to make you feel vibrant and energetic the whole day.

Minimize Tech Meltdowns

Technological glitches – system failure, data loss, and slowness – always add to the agony and frustration of the CEOs and the management team.

Hire expert engineers and technicians so as to minimize the downtime due to technical issues.

Make sure your office computers are updated with data recovery systems, latest firewalls and security software.

It will make you feel relaxed and tension-free as far as technical problems are concerned.

Take Time to Relax and Play

Our body and mind has limitations. You cannot expect your body and mind to work continuously day and night.

Give a break to your mind from the hectic work schedule. Indulge yourself in different relaxing activities like exercise, playing and meditation etc.

Here are some effective practices that facilitate healthy and stress-free leaving:

Exercise: Regular exercising helps you stay fit and improves your physical and mental health. Endorphins released as a result of physical activities makes you feel good and enhance your efficiency and performance.

• Meditation: According to different researches, meditation helps you live happier, healthier and longer. It has also proved its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and stress, hence enabling you to feel good from within.

• Don’t make decisions in haste: Doing too many things at a time leaves your mind confused, leading to a poor decision-making – the most complicated challenge a CEO faces every day. To deal with this problem, take 5-minute walks around the block during the day, clear your head, breathe deeply, and exhale some tension out of your mind.

When you get back to your workplace a few minutes later you'll feel re-energized, less tensed, and charged up with more creative thoughts.

Make Room for Fun

Some fun-filled moments help you get rid of tensions and stress. Allocate some time for weekly or fortnightly fun activities in the office.

Events like office parties, sports pools, sponsored lunches, fun games, and athletic leagues relieve the stress and facilitate innovative thinking.

Use the Support Network of CEO Clubs

You can get suggestions for running your business smoothly and stress-free at a CEO association.

At CEO peer groups, leaders from non-competitive organizations meet under one roof and talk about strategies for the benefit of their and other’s businesses.

Attending a CEO conference every fortnight can also help you shed some stress and tension.

Have an Exit Strategy

What will happen if the market collapses? Would I be able to recover my losses in crisis?

Fear of failure is a nightmare for any entrepreneur. An effective exit strategy would relieve the nerves of a CEO as far as fear of business failure is concerned.

Make sure you have a cover for your financial losses to walk confidently out of a crisis situation. It will affect your decision making positively

Author's Bio: 

Tom Bordon is a freelance writer who writes about business management, strategy planning, exit planning, CEO conferences and other entrepreneurial challenges. His articles focus on guiding CEOs, COOs on how to manage their businesses better and benefit from advice and tips gained from CEO peers at CEO association or CEO club.