Everyone wants to be happy. There are some ways to help with this that doesn’t turn you into someone else.

It is not unreasonable to want to live happily. In fact, it is something that everyone deserves. While everyone wants happiness in their life, they do not always know how to get it. There are plenty of things that can bring a person down, but there are also things that can help bring the happiness back. Finding out how to do it is something that can benefit everyone.

Part of the struggle that people have when searching for happiness is that they aren’t sure how to get it. They try to follow the paths that others take. They stop being themselves and that prevents them from finding the real happiness they want. Instead of doing what others do, consider following these things that allow you to be yourself and help you live happily.

Don’t Aim to Please Others

It is normal to worry about what other people think about you. Because of that, a lot of time is spent trying to do things that other people think are important. The idea that you have to please others can prevent you from doing things the way that makes you happy.

It does not mean that you should not do things for others. It only means that you need to set boundaries when you do it. You should not sacrifice yourself just to make others happy. When you do that, you end up holding a grudge and you are disappointed that you are not taken care of.

Establish Your Own Identity

As you grow up, you do things the way your parents want you to. Part of the maturation process involves learning how to do things the way you want. The lessons learned when younger provide the foundation for the person you are as an adult, but they do not complete the picture.

It is up to you to establish your complete identity. Some may think that your identity is about the job you have, the place you live or the person or persons that you surround yourself with. While these may play a role in the choices you make, they are not your identity. Your identity is about your behaviors and the actions that you take. It is about the decisions and choices you make and how those things are seen by everyone else. You can establish your identity by thinking about how you want to act.

Learn More About Yourself

If you want to live happily, you have to know what that means for you. Some people find happiness in material things, others find it in the things they do. Everyone is different which makes it hard to follow the path that someone else took towards happiness. 

The only way that you can find your path to happiness is to learn what you really want in life. This often requires trial and error. You have to stretch yourself to try new things. You have to work to learn how you view the things that happen around you and how you want to act in different situations. The more you ask yourself what you like and how things make you feel, the easier it is to do the things that make you happy.

Be Confident withYourself

It is easy to second guess the choices you make as you work to learn more about yourself or as you establish your identity. Whenever you make any choice in life, you hope that it works out. Of course, not everything that you do will make yourself or others happy. 

You need to find the confidence in yourself to continue to make the different choices in your life. If you decide that you want to spend time on sex chat websites, don’t worry about what others will think about it. Dive in and give it your best effort, sexting helps to explore your limits and try new things. While not everyone will turn to adult chat websites, there are plenty of other things that people can do that will help them build confidence within themselves. It is all about making a choice.

Find a Hobby that You Love

If you really want to find happiness, you have to find the thing in your life that you enjoy. You need to find the thing that is about you. It can involve others, but you need something that is for you. That thing is some type of hobby. 


The hobby you choose should involve something that you love. The great thing is that you can always change your hobby if you find something that you like better. The hardest part of doing this for happiness is finding the time to do it. If you do not find the time to practice something that you love, then you will not enjoy it. Instead, it is just a dream. That dream can make you feel like a failure and instead of a hobby that you love making you happy, it turns into a disappointment and something that drags you down.

Learn from Your Mistakes

If there is a person in the world that has not made any mistake in their life, they probably have never done anything in their life either. It is normal to make mistakes. When a child does not get a perfect score on a test, you look at the questions they answered wrong. Instead of ignoring the mistakes the child made, you try to teach them how to get the right answers. You want the child to learn from the mistakes so they do better on the next test.

That same idea works for adults. When you make a mistake, you need to do a few things. You need to acknowledge the mistake. It is okay to admit that you are not perfect. Once you own the mistake, you can take the next step to figure out what contributed to the mistake. Once you do that, you can take steps to fix the mistake and you can take steps to figure out how to not repeat the mistake. Just like a child learning from wrong answers on a test, you can learn from your mistakes to avoid them and the bad feelings they cause in the future. When you avoid making the mistake again, you can take pleasure from what you learned.

For some people, happiness is always an elusive goal. That is because they look at others that they think are happy and try to copy them. They forget that we are all unique. The path to happiness goes through yourself. It is not anyone else’s job to make you happy. You have to take it on yourself and thus find the path to happiness. Once you start to follow the path to happiness, you will find it is like a snowball. Your happiness will continue to grow.

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Caitlyn Lowe is a lifestyle writer since 2011. I graduated from the University of Florida in Psychology Major. She loves to write about lifestyle, human psychology, human behavior, and relationship.