When you’re uncomfortable, it’s tough to be productive because all you can focus on is how uncomfortable you’re feeling. In the workplace, being uncomfortable is therefore likely to be a very big problem.

At home on a Sunday when you’re supposed to be organizing the pantry, if you’re not feeling very productive, it’s no big deal, the pantry can wait. At work, if you’re not productive because you’re uncomfortable, your job could literally be on the line.

The last thing you want is to be suffering from neck ache, back pain, or general aches and pains brought on by poor posture from sitting at your desk too long, in the wrong position. To counter this, many employers have purchased standing desks, though if they’re not set up correctly, they can be just as bad.

Here are some effective ways of improving the comfort of your standing desk.

Get the height right

Not all offices have one standing desk per employee, and sometimes employees therefore have to share and alternate. That’s all well and good, but if you’re 5ft 6 and are sharing a standing desk with Martin, who’s a giant of a man at 6ft 5, the desk will need to be adjusted for the both of you.

You want the desk at roughly elbow height, your eyes want to be level with the top of your computer screen, and you need to be able to work consistently, without getting stiff joints or muscles.

Ensure you have an accessible power supply

The last thing you want when you go to setup your standing desk, is to find that there isn’t a sufficient power supply to hand.

Not only do you need power for your computer, but you will also need other outlets for other electrical items such as your phone, tablet, and a printer perhaps.

To make life easier, setup the desk where there is an accessible power supply to hand, that doesn’t require you to spend an eternity on your hands and knees looking under the desk for a spare outlet.

Invest in an anti-fatigue floor mat

If there is just one accessory that you purchase to use with your standing desk, let it be this.

An anti-fatigue floor mat is designed specifically to be used at a standing desk, where you will be spending a prolonged period of time standing.

The mat is designed to offer cushioning and support to your feet and joints, to prevent them from aching and stiffening up by relieving pressure points.

Purchase a comfortable chair

Hold on, why would you need a chair with a standing desk?

Well, the answer to that question is simply the fact that experts have recommended that you alternate between standing and sitting to get the most from your desk, so aim for 2 hours standing, 2 hours sitting, and alternate that way.

When the time comes to sit, you need an office chair that is comfortable and ergonomically supportive, so do your research and find one that fits that criteria.

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