You can make your small kitchen functional and efficient. You just have to learn a few design tricks that will help you improve the functionality of the kitchen. But what happens when your family grows? You’ll need some extra space in your kitchen. You’ll need some creative ideas that can help you expand your small kitchen.

Use sleek cabinets

One of the most effective ways of expanding your kitchen space is using sleek cabinetry like white shaker kitchen cabinets. They are effective options that most people use to reduce the space consumed by cabinetry. Such cabinets ensure that you have maximum storage space while utilizing the minimum kitchen space.

Grab space from another room

Have you considered taking down a wall to expand your kitchen space? If you need additional space in the kitchen, you can use an adjacent room as part of your kitchen. One of the primary targets is the breakfast room or dining area. You can merge it with the kitchen to have one large area.

You must reorganize your kitchen when you merge it with the dining room. Installing white shaker kitchen cabinets is still an option that you can use to enhance the space in your expanded floor space. You should also think about transferring some of the previous room’s functions to the kitchen. For example, you might want a kitchen island that replaces the former dining room.

Bump out a room

Bumping out the exterior wall is an option that can make a big difference in space. Using this method, you can replace a section of the exterior with a laminated header that supports the roof. You will construct new flooring for the newly-created floor space. You are the one to decide the amount of space that you will create when bumping out.

However, this option may not be suitable in all homes. Because of structural issues, you should always seek the opinion of an expert before using this option.

Opt for a partial wall

If you cannot use another room or bump-out, you can still improve the space of your kitchen by removing the wall that is adjacent to the kitchen. Just remove a portion of the wall to create a perception of more space. Removing a portion of the wall works just the way white shaker kitchen cabinets work to create a perception of openness in the kitchen.

With these options, you can improve the space of your small kitchen when your kitchen needs to expand.

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