The leakage of information, financial loss, abuse of professional status - all this is familiar to almost every business owner. Unfortunately, unscrupulous employees can appear in any team. From their careless or even criminal relationship can not be insured. But it can be stopped, and new technologies will help in this.

Efficiency analysis

The head never knows what his employees are doing during the working hour. For high-quality and productive activities requires constant monitoring of personnel. This can be done with the help of computer monitoring of the actions of employees.

Such systems will be useful not only to people who occupy executive positions, but also to all parts of the company. In particular:
- legal service;
- the human resources department;
- security service;
- IT-department.

Work time management

It's not a secret for anyone that office workers often use working hours not for their intended purpose. In the course there is everything: gossip, personal conversations, tea, coffee and, of course, computer games. While visible problems can be solved with the help of surveillance cameras, it is more difficult to track the actions of a person behind a computer. Especially for this purpose, special software was created.
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Nothing but work

You can easily trace the course of the working day of employees, from the beginning to the end. The program will provide a complete list of sites that they visited (you can not hide them even from an anonymous browser). Thus, before you will open a truthful picture of the level of productivity of each person to whom you pay a salary. Social networks, patience and entertainment portals are quickly replaced by really useful resources.
Guarding commercial security

Often there are cases when an employee of a private company intentionally "steals" confidential data, using them for selfish purposes. The monitoring program, which is equipped with an integrated DLP-system, will block any leaks of information. You no longer have to worry in vain and suspect every employee of the firm. After all, all the hidden actions in time will become clear.

Print control

The cost of printing and analysis of documents that are sent to print, can save a considerable amount. Especially when it comes to large companies. Spend money only on a working listing! It should be remembered that trust is good. But without a qualitative test, a successful business can not be built.

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