You must have noticed others, or even yourself, in a bid to lose weight, try to diet the same method even though they have failed so many times before using that exact same technique. This clearly tells you something, that the dieting method you are making use of is clearly ineffective. Many people believe that constantly eating less and less is a definite way to permanent weight loss, but that is not the case. How often have you seen an overweight person eating less foods than before but still are overweight? They may lose weight with purely such a technique in the beginning, but will soon hit a plateau, as their bodies will have adapted to the lower intake of calories, and are not as responsive to such a change in the diet. They then take even less food and once again, their bodies adapt to it. This cannot carry on, or people trying to lose weight will eventually have to stop eating entirely, and that is clearly unhealthy.

Instead of being frustrated with the way your body works, you should understand that it is merely trying to keep you alive. Most personal trainers or even nutritionists believe that you should starve yourself if you want to lose weight. The key is to find out the underlying reason why you are not losing weight; and stress is a common reason.

Some people start gaining weight because they eat in a bid to relieve their stress levels. People who have rushed deadlines probably eat more junk foods than others. People who just broke up in their relationships binge eat. Also, stress causes a negative change within your body. It increases the level of the hormone called cortisol, which slows down your rate of metabolism and eats away at your muscle mass.

Losing weight therefore is not purely about exercising and dieting contrary to popular belief. One has to find out the underlying reason about why they are gaining weight. If stress is one of them, then make use of relaxation of meditation techniques to solve it. If the underlying reason is not that you are stressed, but are too free and spend all day watching television programs and snacking on junk foods, then make sure to get rid of that habit.

Each person's reason for being unable to lose weight need not be the same. The key is to identify why you are not losing weight.

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