There are many different and bizarre cures for bleeding hemorrhoids out there. I emphasize the words "different and bizarre" : from using vinegar to using potatoes to trying chamomile for bleeding hemorrhoids, and the list goes on.

I am not surprised because when you are in pain from bleeding hemoroids you would try anything and everything to sooth. I have personally tried just about all the treatments over the years and found out that only one is really successful, and surprisingly is an all natural cure for hemorrhoids.

This is simply the Sitz bath, it is simple, effective and it works.

The sitz bath when done the proper way really works. Another important factor is to be consistent and do your baths three times daily and especially after every bowel movement.

The sitz bath is effective for either internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids. However with bleeding external hemorrhoids, you should alternate the sitz bath with ice packs.

This immediate natural cure for bleeding hemorrhoids together with some over the counter hemorrhoids cream will help to get some pain relief and stop the bleeding hemorrhoid.

However you will also need to keep your stools soft, and avoid any type of strenuous pressures on your anus area to avoid any further bleeding. This is when you reach the ultimate goal and join myself and others to become permanently free of hemorrhoids.

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By now you are probably wondering who am I to know so much about hemorrhoids. My name is Rudi Sturlese and for the past 40 years have had all sorts of battles with hemorrhoids.

Then a few years ago I finally worked out how to win this battle permanently, and the hemroids white flag of surrender flew up high and mighty.

Obviously all my trials and tribulations together with my pharmaceutical background helped me a lot in the war in eradicating the source of the problem.

So if you want to eradicate your hemorrhoids permanently just read my book Fresh Hemorrhoids Cure or if you need more information just go on my site