Years ago, job applicants are allowed to submit the same cover letter for every industry they applied to. But then, nowadays, hiring managers are much stricter. In order to get noticed, you need to be creative yet specific in your letter. Writing a good cover letter requires time and effort. However, if you can recognize the key elements, you can effectively write a letter that will make the employer read your resume and probably select you for an interview.

Making a good cover letter will definitely impress potential employers. This is your first chance to use and improve your sales pitch and the one you're selling is yourself. There are many different styles of writing a good cover letter that you can choose from. Basically, the style will depend on the type of job and industry you are interested in. If you are interested in writing a good letter, you should consider looking at an online guide specifically on how to create a good cover letter. However, here are few tips to get you started on writing your cover letter.

1. Be specific and direct. Typically, your letter will only be one page long body. This means you only have a little bit of time to state your purpose. Don’t panic about your lack of space but state pertinent information briefly but directly. Honestly, as long as you stated the job position you are applying for and you enclosed supporting documents, you are already composing a great letter.

2. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure your letter looks perfect. Typing error, poor printout and misspelling will ruin your chance to get interviewed. Bear in mind that you are writing a letter to impress the employer so it should be in perfect condition. Sending a cover letter in less than perfect condition indicates disrespect to the employer and makes you look bad.

3. Address the letter to the hiring manager. After creating your letter that is relevant to the available job and the needs of the company, the next step is to address your letter directly to the hiring manager. If you address your letter to a specific person, it has greater chance of getting there and getting read.

4. Personalize your cover letter. Writing a letter that is customized is highly encouraged. This will give your recruiters an idea who you truly are. Your letter should bring out your enthusiasm, focus and commitment to your job. The more you will sound natural, the more you get recognized and stand out.

5. Research about the company or industry you are interested in. Giving the time to write a letter to go with your resume means you are emphasizing why you are applying for that specific company. This expresses your interest on their company and you are ready to contribute your knowledge to them.

Writing a letter is not enough. You should review and proofread it. As much as possible, avoid any possible errors, including wrong information and grammatical errors. Your cover letter is your gold ticket to your dream job, so make sure it is perfect and it stands out.

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