Squeeze pages are the most effective tool used online for building an email list of potential customers for our business. As we accumulate this list of email addresses we are then able to make contact by email with these same people.

The idea is to first establish a relationship with these list members so that they will be more receptive to your future promotional efforts. In time a well organized email based marketing campaign then targets these same people and if conducted correctly will help accelerate the growth of your business.

But nothing happens until this contact information is first capture on your squeeze page. In order to increase the effectiveness of this page there are 5 characteristics or features it must display.

Free Giveaway

It is always best to offer some type of free gift in exchange for page visitors contact information. You are appealing to the 'what is in it for me' mentality that most people possess when ask for personal information. Your free offer is viewed as an enticement and works quite effectively.

Page Content That Flows Easily

Be sure the content on your squeeze page is clear, concise and flows logically. You only want to capture their contact information and not dispense a page full of sales jargon. Make your intentions clear from the start and do not mince words.

Bold Headline

Your headline should be designed to capture any visitors' attention. It is also important that the headline and page content is consistent with the ad that attracted the visitor to your site.

The best approach here is to describe the biggest benefit the visitor will receive by leaving their contact information. Try using what it is your free gift will do for them or how it will change their life.

Request Only 'Essential' Contact Info

On your opt-in form request only the necessary information needed for you to make contact by email with any visitor. By requesting any information that leads to a 'physical' location such as phone number or street address will only serve to drive people away. Your intentions will initially be focused on only making contact by email therefore your questions should be limited to only this information.

Limit Graphics

Your squeeze page is not a sales page so resist the urge to jazz it up and limit the use of graphics. If you want to use a picture that reflects the free gift you are offering just keep it simple to allow the visitor to focus on the message the page is communicating to them.

The SOLE intention of any squeeze page is to capture a visitors contact information so do not place any distractions on the page.

Squeeze pages are essential for building an email list of potential customer to whom we can then send future promotional materials. All this is done only after we first build a relationship with these list members. An email based marketing campaign is one of the most efficient ways to quickly grow an online business. But nothing happens until we first accumulate a list of email addresses. Everything is based upon having an effective squeeze page. The 5 characteristics or features we suggested above should be included on every squeeze page. By doing so this should greatly enhance the number of people who in fact do leave their contact information.

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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