Relationship marketing involves building trust with those you intend to promote to in order to create a more comfortable buying process for them! Once trust is established and people feel more comfortable with you this will help to increase your marketing effectiveness which is your ultimate goal! However for this strategy to work 'profitably' there must be 3 things that come together in terms of the people and market you are targeting! Let's discuss them now!

Is There a Need?

Some type of determination needs to be made that the niche or market you are targeting has a problem to be solved or a demand to be met! This research can be conducted in a variety of ways which is not the point of this article but there must be some type of profit potential before you begin to start building trust with others! Remember building trust takes quite a bit of time and you don't want to waste yours if there's little profit potential so first do your homework!

Can You Offer a Solution?

Be it a product or service you ultimately need to have something that will offer a solution to the need or problem that exist in the market! Now you don't necessarily have to spent the time, energy or money on developing a product of your own! There are countless affiliate programs online that may offer the solution you're looking for and this is a very popular approach for many! Actually as you'll soon find out, most of your time will be spent on promoting so it's important to develop skills in this area to increase your marketing effectiveness!

Did You Make the Connection?

Establishing a workable relationship by building trust with others does not happen overnight and is a process that can take time! If you try to 'rush' it you may succeed in driving others away so focus on this very important step before going 'gang busters' on folks with product offers. Remember you're trying to relieve the stress and anxieties normally affiliated with any buying process and in doing so increase your own marketing effectiveness! Practice patience and it will 'pay' off for you in the end!

Relationship marketing is NOT a fast acting process however when working online it is a very effective strategy for increasing your marketing effectiveness! By building trust with the people you intend to make product offers to you can decrease the stress they experience during the buying process! In most cases it is this stress that keeps others from making a purchase therefore if you can reduce it in some way it will work to your advantage! As our discussion above implies before you begin building trust, which is the whole point behind developing relationships, market potential must be determined. Once your findings show profit potential your first step should be to 'connect' with others and avoid the temptation of promoting immediately. In the long run this will dramatically increase both your marketing effectiveness and the profits you earn! Remember patience equals profits so be patient my friend!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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