Drug addiction is a disease described by drug seeking and motive that is necessary or hard to control, instead of having fatal outcomes. The preliminary decision to take drugs is main cause for maximum people, but frequent drug use can cause brain damage that cause an addicted person’s self-control and interfere with their capability to avoid intense desires to use drugs. These brain modifications can be chronic, that is why drug addiction is assumed a "relapsing" disease—people in rehab from drug taking disorders are at intensified danger for returning to drug use even after years of not having the drug.
It's familiar for a person to relapse with drug, but it doesn't say that treatment doesn’t work. This kind of treatment have to be continuous and should be modified based on patient response. Treatment schedules need to be examined frequently and adapted to suit the patient’s needs. However, you can learn more fromRehab

Effect on brain

Drugs generally impact brain's "reward circuit," resulting in euphoria and flooding it with chemical messenger dopamine which lead people to repeat the behaviour of taking drug. Long-term usage also results in modifications in other brain chemical function and circuits.

Cause of addiction
Different kinds of circumstances impacts to be drug addicted.
Environmental and genetic component interact with significant developmental stages in a person’s life to fall drug addiction risk.
Depression is one of the main causes of taking drug.
Availability of drug.
Curiosity about drug.

Psychological Effects
The psychological difficulty associated to drug taking can vary from mild to critical. Most common long-term psychological health problems connected with drug addiction are:
Drug addiction cause depression and other mood disorders.
Drugs like cocaine, benzodiazepines anxiety and panic disorders.
Drugs like marijuana and cocaine cause feelings of paranoia
Drug addiction can literally intensify a user's risk of evolving mental disorder.

Physical effects
In addition to the numerous psychological health cases that originate as a result of long-term drug addiction, there also are variety of issues affecting the physical health of the individual who is abusing drugs over a sustained duration of time.
Kidney can be damaged by regular drug using over a duration of many years. It can result in dehydration, muscle breakdown and increased body temperature which lead to kidney damage and Kidney failure by taking heroin, MDMA, ketamine etc.
Liver failure is a well-known consequence which further leads to chronic inflammation, scarring, tissue necrosis, and even cancer.
Most of the drugs have the ability to cause cardiovascular disease like increased heart, high blood pressure, aberrant cardiac rhythms, myocardial infarction, and heart attack.
Smoking or sniffing drugs like marijuana, heroin, opioids and crack cocaine damage respiratory system.
Another well known problem to long-term drug usage is mounting tolerance which leads to take more and more drugs to satisfy themselves can cause overdose and even death.

Behavioural Effects

Want to stop taking drugs but being unable to.
Spending tons of time trying to urge, use, or get over from the substance.
Craving the substance, or having a robust desire to use it.
Being unable to satisfy school, home, or work hampers due to substance use.
Decreasing or quitting important social, recreational, or occupational recreations related to drug use.
Lying to friends/family members.
Getting into legal trouble.


There is no direct treatment to prevent the drug addiction. But several steps can cure it over time. They are:
Patient can take behavioural counseling
Medication is very helpful to get rid of drug addiction.
Medical applications can be used to deal with withdrawal symptoms or distribute skills training.
experiment and treatment for existing side-by-side psychological health problems like as depression and anxiety
long term mind set to avoid relapse
Various treatment program and advertisement options can be crucial to success. Treatment should include both medical and psychological services as required
Community or family based support programs can help them.
Drug addiction is a burden problem in our society. This problem is getting difficult day by day. We should take proper steps to get rid of it.

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