Global media is one of the great creations or discovery of a human. Today’s world the social media’s influence on revolution is a very hot issue in the press and also among the youth. Generally, the global media mainly consist of tv, radio, newspapers or magazines and internet. However, one of the main objectives of globalization is to enlarge the material wealth, goods, and services through an international separation of labor by efficiencies catalyzed by international relations, specialization and competition.

Generally, the process of media globalization cannot be stopped quickly because it is a process or the result of some new communications technology. However, global media is one of the best tool or techniques to know the whole world’s situations and news within seconds and it always provides us some best and relevant information about different belongings like different kind of animal, weather reports etc. Global communication of connectivity through telephone and internet is well known to all of us. Homogenization of culture, world market prices, products, wages and profits are converged because of connectivity. Hence, the global media mainly offering a wide variety of entertainment with either mass or specialized appeal, communicating news and information, or displaying advertising messages. Commonly it provides the information about current affairs it spreads all over the world. Global media essays are beneficial to understand the multifaceted features of the topic deeply.

However, the process of global media have both advantages and also some other disadvantages. Since, globalization of the media has eased a complete restructuring of media systems into a single global media system. Basically, the international communication has never been easier. But presently because of the global revolutions and new technologies it is possible to communicate through face to face video conversation with any loved one. The internet can also improve our health system or save our lives. Your doctor can send your x-ray or other health information to the international doctors and they can suggest the best and suitable suggestions. Nowadays, it is a fact that global media have become so influential enough to alter the very foundation of the society.

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