There are growing number of junk food restaurants offering certain qualities of affordable food Menu prices that make us addictive to this harm causing food. It has become so popular in our society just after introduction of fast food points.

But there is need to know what exactly junk food is? How our mood and behavior depends upon it? How is it effecting our bodies and digestive systems? And what are its impacts on environment?

Junk food is actually a food that have plenty of saturated fats and abundance of salts, that causes problems to health and environment.

When it concerns with dieting, it should have moderation. If you keep on taking junk food, your body metabolism slows down and doesn’t produce necessary hormones. That’s why some females are unable to continue their unchangeable periods cycle and leads to many other problems.

Most harmful effect of junk food is on cardiac system that creates many heart diseases. Increased level of saturated fats can also result in diabetes and kidney related problems.

Furthermore, junk food badly affects children behavior and their academic performance. Just when they get addicted to fast food, it results in developing risks of chronic diseases and affects mood and mental health. They can undergo irritation and depressed mood.
Thus the only solution of major diseases is to take healthy food that can make you feel good by producing enough serotonin.

To be honest, I just suggest you to maintain your well balanced diet and to avoid high saturated fats. If you want to live a good and healthy life just get back and enjoy nourishing and nutritious foods, moreover i can only recommend health affordable means out of the McDonalds Menu prices.

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I am a food blogger at Foodwellsaid.