The benevolent planet Jupiter transits from Libra to Scorpio on October 11, 2018. From this placement Jupiter will have an impact on your 5th house, the house of knowledge and belief, 7th house the house of relationship and the 9th house, the house of luck and prosperity.

This Jupiter Transit shall be supportive and give prosperity in life. You need to be flexible in work. Do not neglect and overlook on activities. Your decisions shall give desired improvement in life. Your public communication would be at its best. You need to utilize opportunities, which can change your destiny.

Business and Career – You would enjoy your career life during this transit. You shall finish your professional tasks with double interest. Try to view things practically. Business progress would be normal. You can reach your targets with some extra effort. Maintain consistency in work for getting expected results.

Finance – During this transit period, your special interest in meeting your financial plan would be supportive. You may recollect pending finances and get desired profits from investments. You would get financial assistance from your friends and relatives.

Family – You shall enjoy a satisfied relationship with your family during this transit. You would be able to fulfill your commitments and responsibilities properly. This period shall keep you satisfied in life. You would be supportive and show your attachment in the family.

Education – This Jupiter transit would be ideal for gaining good recognition in studies. Your special attention would keep you updated in your desired field. You would be interested in group studies with your friends, which would keep you spirited in your studies. You would act as a troubleshooter to your friends in clarifying their doubts in subjects.

Love and Marriage – Jupiter, during this transit, would be supportive for your love life. You should not get confused or give confusion to your partner. Your own decisions would be helpful in maintaining a cordial relationship. Conjugal bliss would be normal and you should adjust in some situations.

Health – Your health condition would continue to be good. Do not get worried on minor issues, which would get cured with proper medical aid. You need to give priority to physical rest. Untimely intake of food can keep you in perpetual tension health wise. Meditation can give you the mental energy to handle the situations.

Home Remedies

  • Chant the mantra “Om namo vachaspataye namah” 108 times daily
  • Seek blessings from Parents and Saints
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