You might know e-cigarettes by many names and one of the most popular is JUUL. Vaping through JUUL creates tiny puffs or clouds of vapor. JUULs are battery-powered devices with a flavored liquid called “e-juice,” “e-liquid” or “vape juice,” containing nicotine. Nicotine is also found in regular cigarettes. JUULs come in different shapes and sizes, including pens, USB sticks, and flash drives, and other everyday items, buy vape in Dubai.

E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), classifies them as tobacco products.

Nicotine Level in A JUUL Pod

E-liquid in JUUL pods and e-cigarettes contains nicotine, but the levels are not always the same. JUULs have a comparatively higher amount of nicotine per puff compared to other e-cigs and cigarettes. Sometimes product labels do not show the true nicotine content. One JUUL refill pod has much nicotine as a pack of 20 regular cigarettes.

Health Risks of JUULing

JUULs are marketed as helping people break their cigarette habits. As per the evidence, there are lasting health consequences of e-cigarettes including irreversible lung damage and lung disease.
Because nicotine is highly addictive and it is harder for people to quit.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms include:

1: Intense cravings
2: Anxiety and irritability
3: Restlessness and difficulty concentrating
4: Insomnia
5: Constipation or diarrhea
6: Toxic Substances

But e-cigarettes don’t have as many chemicals as traditional tobacco products. E-cigarettes still contain ultrafine particles and metals like formaldehyde and lead.

Is JUUL Safer than Smoking

According to a recent study, it shows that a single session of vaping can deliver more nicotine to the airways than smoking one cigarette.
Vaping does expose your lung to more nicotine. But it is harder to get into the bloodstream compared to traditional cigarettes, but vape from the best online vape store.

Is Secondhand Smoke from Vaping Harmful

While vaping, a person inhales and exhales the aerosol from the e-cigarette, which produces a sweet-smelling cloud. This is vapor, which smells better than the traditional cigarette smoke and does not linger in the air or on clothing, but it can be still harmful.

According to the CDC, the substances found in vaping aerosol include:

1: Ultrafine particles
2: Flavoring like diacetyl
3: Volatile organic compounds
4: Heavy metals

Difference between JUUL and Other E-Cigarettes

The most notable difference between a JUUL and other e-cigarettes, buy e cigarette Dubai is JUUL’s unique, proprietary JUUL pod system.
Besides purchasing bottles of e-liquid and coils as you have to buy with other devices which require more work on the part of the user, the JUULs are simple and require you to purchase only the pre-filled JUUL pods.
These disposable pods have a built-in coil and are available in a huge number of retailers, vape Abu Dhabi, and newsagents means availability is rarely a problem.

Should I buy a JUUL?

If you are new to vaping – then you can try, as it gives you an easy entry point into a world of options.
JUUL has been a great product for new vapers, but, if you are switching seriously, you will want something a little more durable. Take a look at Vape Stop UAE's wide range of vaping kits.

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