A lot is said and believed about the effects of Shani in a person’s astrological charts. This is the reason that he is one of the most revered as well as one of the most feared planets. The Sadhe saati and dhaiya of Shani are the most well-known and talked about effects. However, Shani is not just an evil planet. Instead, it is also one of the most benevolent and beneficial planets to have in one’s charts.

Having Shani in a positive position in one’s charts brings patience, discipline, age-old knowledge and wisdom, intelligence, and hence authority and a lot of success. It also ensures longevity and hence a beneficial position of Shani in the charts represents a long life for the native. It brings a balance in the native’s life and gives the gifts of economy, perseverance, stability, self-control with discipline, sincerity, heightens the sense of duty, and increases the spirituality of an individual.

When Shani is in a weak position or is afflicted, the native will have a hard life. The success may not be denied for someone having Saturn in a weak position, but it will be delayed. For those having a predominantly negative Saturn in their charts, the ill effects are prominent. A life of hardship, disappointments, conflict, distrust, and dejection is in the offering. This is why this particular planet is so feared. However, the natives undergoing these hardships will not become negative, instead, these will have a cleansing effect on their life, awakening their spirituality and detoxification of the sins of their life resulting in karma burning.

It is believed that the ill effects of Shani remain in the life of the native when Shani is ascending, is in the particular zodiac and the time it takes to move to the next zodiac. This is nearly 3 times 2.5 years, which is the average time Shani takes to move from one zodiac to the other. Hence, a total period of 7.5 years – Sadhe Saati.

Placement of Shani in the charts:

Shani is considered very beneficial and auspicious if transitioning through the


house in a native’s astrological charts. When placed in the 6th house, it brings happiness and contentment by winning over the enemies.

However, in the 11th house, its effect is a little different and it brings money, fame, and success in business ventures.

Saturn is considered to be old and hence its transit through the 1st house may make the natives feel tired and old. The placement of Shani in the 2nd house is associated with troubles of money and conflict with the native children. When placed in the

4th house, it represents a loss of property. In the

5th house, Shani represents defamation and loss of face.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.