The corona virus is still on the rise, is spreading quickly and unfortunately also directly affects the fitness industry. The postponement of the FIBO fair was only the beginning, because gyms and sports facilities are now facing much greater challenges. This includes not only declining check-ins, but the officially ordered closure of your business. On March 16, the federal and state governments agreed on a nationwide closure.

Development of visitor numbers in fitness gyms

To investigate the impact of the virus on the industry, we analyzed thousands of gyms in USA and determined the daily check-ins of the members. We compared these with the previous year's figures.

The result: Since the beginning of the 11th calendar week we are seeing an increasing decline in the check-ins at gyms. Since Thursday (March 19), the values have been around -100%. Almost all gyms have closed. We continue to monitor developments. Unfortunately, there is currently no improvement in sight, which is why we will not continue to update the graphic at first.

Development of new contracts in gyms

When looking at new contracts, we currently see no clear correlation to that at check-ins. On the contrary, the year had very strong moments. So far, we have had a positive development overall, which is an increase of 2 percent despite the increasingly difficult situation. Individual days even generated more than double the number of new contracts compared to the previous year.

This is a good sign and is positive for us, especially for the time after the crisis!

Over 90 percent fewer new contracts

According to current figures, we are unfortunately seeing a very sharp decline in new contracts. On March 27 this was -94 percent.

Alternative offers from gyms in the event of closure

Outdoor activity

When the business is closed, there is still the possibility to do sports outdoors. In small groups, jogging courses, yoga or obstacle courses can be a suitable alternative. It remains important that activities without physical contact should be chosen.

Attention: In view of the current situation, this alternative is no longer relevant!

Online courses

Gyms can offer their members online courses so they can stay active at home. Such courses are easy to manufacture: a smartphone and a trainer are usually sufficient. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and good sound quality.

The videos can either be uploaded and retrieved on your own server or simply appear on YouTube. There is the possibility to "hide" the video and only share it with your own members through a specific link that is sent via newsletter. Many personal trainers working from home and you know what they are giving proven results. If you are fitness coach this is the best option left during COVID-19.

Increase communication with members

Gyms should pay attention to increased communication in the event of closure. Social media channels as well as your own website and newsletter are suitable for this. The goal is to provide members with added value even if they don't show up in the gym. Operators should use the know-how of their trainers and nutrition experts and play this across all channels.

The content of gym communication could be ...

  • Information about the current situation and duration of the decision to close
  • Training plans for home
  • Home nutrition plans

Notes on future changes and plans according to Corona (e.g. new courses, new devices, competitions, etc.)

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