The rise of the internet Internet in recent decades has changed our life, communication system, study, business, and many other things in a massive way. It has changed the face of the world we used to see in past decades. Though it was first deployed in 1969, it was publicly available in the 1990s only. The invention of the internet added an uncountable number of facilities in our daily lives. However, it has enough harmful effects on society as well.

The invention of the internet has added an extra layer to our communication system, business interaction, education system, medical services, defense system, and security as well. We can't think a day of our daily lives without the internet. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, we need internet services in every aspect of our daily lives.

The usages of the internet have diffused rapidly throughout the world. There are now around 7 billion people using the Internet on their wireless devices. There are different ages of people using Internet technology in the world. From 5 years or less to 70 or more are addicted to the Internet network. So, it can be said easily that the entire humanity is now connected globally to each other.

Effects on society

From there onwards, there is a massive effect of the internet on society. Some of them are mentioned below:

Shorten the social distance

The most favorable benefits of the internet are that it reduced the social distance among the humanities. People using the Internet nowadays are closer than they used to be in previous. Different kinds of social media platforms that are keeping all of us connected together all over the world. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, IMO, Viber, Skype are the most favorable social platform based on internet technology, which allows us to communicate with each other shortly.

Banking and shopping

Internet technology allows us banking facilities in our home. We can maintain our bank account activities, recommendation, authorities management system, and other necessary formalities. All of these kinds of aspects are done today on the internet. You can use a different platform like 토토사이트to perform.

We have online shopping capabilities on the internet as well. Using the shopping website or apps nowadays, we can order any products as our demands on the internet. Similarly, we can pay for the selected products using our credit card, which works based on the internet system as well.

Education system

The Internet system has added an extra layer to our education management system. All information, including admission circular, online admission, syllabus management, admission process, even online exams, are now taking in through the internet. For higher education, research topic, a more in-depth investigation of the study, articles on the related subject or topic, all of them are now on the internet.

Provide information

If you have a handy device like a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection, then you don't need to have a television or newspaper at all. Every exclusive news and information about the current world you should easily find on your device. The modern facilities of the internet will offer you to visit the area of the incident through your mobile phone. You can see that instantly or save them to watch later or again.
Although the Internet nowadays provides different types of facilities for us, it has some bad effects besides. It has broken our privacy and breached many of our securities as well. It has entered from outer space to our bedroom thoroughly. If we don't know how to use the Internet properly, then we should suffer more than we expect.

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