Third Lord In The Second House (3rd lord in the 2nd house)

The third lord in the second house of family and savings is in the 12th house to itself. Generally, the 12th house to any house is unfavorable to the house itself. So the third lord being in the second house is not favorable for the signification of the third house. The person will be without valor and initiative. Since the person lacks vigor there will be a tendency to be overweight. There is also a tendency to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. The person might also desire the wealth or spouse of another person.

3rd lord in the 2nd house – Dissatisfaction

In the Aries ascendant person, this placement indicates a person who earns wealth by taking other’s wealth. In the cancer ascendant, the third lord is also the 12th lord and this placement causes too many expenses. This is also inauspicious for Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Pisces Lagnas.
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