Traditional paper-based processes have been replaced by electronic recording, which reduces or eliminates unnecessary labour, postage, courier, and material costs. It's faster, more secure, and will save you money. Documents are transported in seconds. To the county directly, Countrywide Process pays recording fees and taxes. Document transport eliminates lost, damaged, or altered-in-transit risks. In minutes rather than days, if you try to find out how to do legal document e-recording in California to achieve accurate, secure, and timely payment of fees, there is no need for you to draft, sign, and match checks to receive and return rejections. At a nominal rate, Countrywide Process offers e-recording submission service for $85 per document plus county recording fees. The form calculates your exact rates as well as what county they will be recorded in for our user-friendly electronic recording based upon how many documents you are recording. 
While e-recording is permitted in the majority of California county recorder offices, the types of forms accepted can vary. With our user-friendly eRecording form, you can easily identify which forms are currently accepted by your county. There are plenty of forms that can typically be e-recorded in California counties. Notice of Independent Solar Energy Producer Contract, Oil and Gas Lease, Power of attorney, Re-conveyance Release, Release of Federal Tax Lien, Release of State Tax Lien, Release of Treasurer's Tax Lien, Abstract of Judgement, Affidavit of Death, Deed of Trust, Federal Tax Lien, Judgement Mechanics Lien, Mechanics Lien Release, Modification Mortgage, Request Satisfaction: State Tax Lien, Subordination Agreement, Sub-Reconveyance, Substitution of Trustee, Transfer Declaration, Treasurer's Tax Lien, Agreement Assessment, Assignment of Deed of Trust, UCC Financing Statement.
Completing our eRecording form takes only a few minutes, and submitting documents is a matter of seconds. Depending on your county as well as what is being recorded once your documents are submitted to the county recorder's office, actual recording times will vary. For holidays, events, maintenance, and other reasons, county recording offices are subject to closure. Such closers may result in a delay in document recording. With over a decade of experience, Countrywide Process specialises in document recording. We have created a rapid and efficient process for recording real estate documents in all counties across California, which significantly reduces the time required for the same.
For our nationwide document recording services, from e-recording and UCC lien filing to mail-in recording, there are some reasons. Real estate documents require a professional in most cases, recording thousands. We confirm recording fees and provide document recording services that guarantee error-free documents and prompt processing. Our document recording services are unparalleled. We provide mail-in recording, walk-in recording, e-recording, and UCC filing throughout California. Regardless of your search for how to do legal document e-recording in California throughout the process, our network of document recording experts will do anything they can to help you. At any of California’s 58 courthouses, Countrywide Process can help you record real estate documents. Using first-class postage or priority mail with mail-document recording, all real estate documents are sent. Or, we can FedEx your documents directly to the County Recorder for expedited delivery if you prefer.

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