The idea of quickly releasing negative emotions by tapping is a new paradigm, only discovered decades ago. However it is based on 5000 years of Chinese acupuncture. And it works time after time as acupuncture does. With similarly surprisingly quick results. And unlike acupuncture, we can do EFT over the phone.

=Try it on everything?
=How is EFT is like psychological acupuncture?
=How do Stress, Frustration, Grief, Fear, etc, affect the body?
=What about negative events?
=Do we forget the events?
=And we use EFT for...BUT WHAT IF:
=Will I see immediate results?
=How should I be persistent?
=Can I do EFT for myself?
=How often do I tap?
=When do I call a practitioner?
=How long will the EFT process take?
=How can I learn EFT?

==Try it on everything?
How can EFT work for so many issues such as business stress, fears and phobias, pain, traumas, medical events? The unifying concept is that the negative thoughts and memories in our minds, and the uncomfortable sensations (including chronic pain) in our bodies, hold us back from thinking and acting in our own highest and best interest. And chronic pain, illness and anxiety, as well as repeated failures and self sabotage are often the result of old stories and traumas somehow kicking around in our minds and our bodies... holding us back. EFT tapping releases the stuff that holds us back.

==How is EFT is like psychological acupuncture?
We tap on acupuncture points while paying attentions to our physical and emotional symptoms. Physical symptoms include all levels of pain as well as less intense sensations.

==How do Stress, Frustration, Grief, Fear, etc, affect the body?
Emotions can feel like physical sensations, such as tightness or heaviness, in the stomach, chest or somewhere else in the body.  Stress, etc, also shows up as itching, actual pain, chronic disease, allergies or even an unspecified awareness of a part of the body.

==What about negative events?
Our old and new stories impact our lives now.  We tap while thinking about the images, sounds, words, actions, emotions, feelings, and physical sensations connected with those events.

==Do we forget those events?
Not at all. We simply release the emotional charge surrounding them. It is our reactions to those events that cause the problem. As we release the negative feelings about the problem, we can feel better.

==And we use EFT for...BUT WHAT IF:
I am not willing to give up my memories.
I am not willing to forego my anger.
I have good reasons to hold on to my negative emotions.
Anyone in my situation would feel the same way.
Who will I be without this story?
I don’t deserve to feel peaceful about this event.
Mine is different and real.

==Will I see immediate results?
Sometimes. Delayed reactions are also common. You can easily try EFT tapping anytime you feel mental or physical discomfort, and you may feel better right away... or maybe the tapping will start an active process in your body to allow yourself to feel better tomorrow or the next day.

==How should I be persistent?
Keep tapping, even without words. You can do something good for yourself.

==Can I do EFT for myself?
Yes, you absolutely can and will benefit greatly by tapping a number of times a day, especially, as soon as you wake up in the morning. Even when you are working with a complementary, or medical practitioner, you will turbocharge your healing response (emotional and physical) by tapping between appointments. Also tap about your daily challenges when you are feeling fine.

==How often do I tap?
As often as you think about it. Twice a day is good, and every two hours, when you feel like taking a break, is even better. Tap for 30 seconds or 5 minutes any time, and also tap for 15 minutes to an hour or more. Certainly tap for yourself in the moments when you are stressed or in pain.

==When do I call a practitioner?
When you aren’t getting the relief you want; when past traumas and memories are too painful to access; when you can’t access your feelings or memories and need help with the next step; when you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of your situation; and when you have a chronic issue which is not responding to your tapping.

==How long will the EFT process take?
The short answer is that the process for your specific issue can take between one and three months, sometimes more, sometimes less. This depends on the complexity of your issue rather than on the severity. If the problem is truly the result of a single traumatic event, such as an accident, or one humiliating experience, it may take one or two weeks.

However, many of the challenges that we seek help for are based on more than one traumatic event, as well as accumulated habits and limiting beliefs. Issues that permeate a person’s lifestyle, such as weight loss, depression, addictions, serious diseases, and some anxiety issues can take even longer to resolve.

EFT is so effective that within the first few weeks you can expect to notice positive changes in the way you feel and act. That is the reason that many practitioners are comfortable offering a money-back-guarantee for their services.

People who self-tap daily will often have quicker results. We are all “works in process” and EFT offers the ability to clear our negative stuff that comes up in our daily lives.

==How can I learn EFT?
You can go to my website - -.
Have a look at the TAPPING GUIDE page;
Download the EFT-ACTION Tapping Guide (PDF);
Download the manual for a more thorough understanding of the EFT basics;
Click on the many links on the FREE RESOURCES page to find a wealth of additional material about using EFT.


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EFT is highly effective over the phone
You don’t need to believe that EFT works
You don’t need to talk about your issue
Relief is often permanent

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