If this is for you, let me say that my heart goes out to you, as I know from experience what it feels like when you are faced with this situation. There are decisions to be made, in order to keep your beloved fur-baby comfortable and as free from suffering as possible. It is heart-wrenching, no matter how you look at it. But maybe we are all transient beings in animal form, and maybe the most important element now is to have a calmer energy. This helps both you and your dog.

If this is too overwhelming for you just now, just use your favorite form of EFT on just the "overwhelm" element, until you feel you can carry on with this article. When you are ready, you can return and finish it.

And whatever form of EFT you have learned, even if optimal EFT, can help you with this process. So if I say "tap" and you use a non-tapping format, then just use the instructions and keep the tapping out and adapt the suggestions to Optimal EFT. And when you are calmer and have better flowing energy, that can help your dog, in whatever form he is right now. After all EFT, short for emotional Freedom Techniques, is designed to do just that. Whilst the grieving, panic, hope, despair, and all those other feelings are too much for you, it can provide enough relief to help you cope and be stronger for your fur-baby.

The first tapping suggestion is as follows:

Tap on all the points silently as you think about the situation and what you have decided to do next. Keep tapping till the tears start to lessen, and you feel a bit calmer. EFT does not take away natural sadness, but it helps you with the over-the-top element. Keep tapping over and over again, without words, as you allow your energy to rebalance itself.

The second tapping suggestion is the following:

Think of the future, that your dog will have peace and be free of pain. Tap on all the points over and over again as you say "peace". Allow the energy of peace to go through you and send them to your dog. Keep tapping till you feel as much at peace as you can. Send your dog the energy of peace, and peace goes through you. That love you have together is a special bond that has always been there and will always be there, no matter what. Keep tapping as you say "peace" or "love", or whatever word feels right. Keep tapping till you feel calmer.

If too overwhelming, do not worry about using numbers (SUDS or SUE scales) for now. Just tap. If you can use numbers, then that may be helpful. I respect that in this situation, you may need to tap daily for about half to an hour or whatever is right for you, so just go for it. After all, it is all about energy, and a better energy flow can help you and your loved one(s).

With healing thoughts at this precious time, from the heart...

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