There are now many variations on EFT as the techniques and their variations develop. Here is one simple way to do EFT, otherwise known as Tapping, amongst many other variations. It uses the dissociated state. This means that you are distanced from the traumatic event you are seeking to release from your energy system. When we have a safe distance between us and a trauma, it is easier to deal with.

Remember that when you watch a film that is sad or scary, you may identify with one of the characters. When that happens, you kind of feel feelings. Whose feelings these are is not important. What is important is that you are watching the film. You are getting feelings about the character in the film.

These are the feelings we are looking for.

So, imagine you are watching a film of an event. This is an event that happened to a part of you in the past.

This part of you is not you now. This part, called by Silvia Hartmann an "Aspect", is simply part of your energy that is stuck in time and space. It is waiting to be rescued. It is stuck. It needs rescuing.

Stop that film at that crucial point where you identify with the character and feel something. Look at that picture.

At this point, ask yourself what the character is feeling. For example, if they are feeling inadequate. Or, if they are feeling good, bad, or indifferent.

We can either identify what they are feeling, such as inadequate, or identify if they are feeling good, bad, or just OK.

If they are feeling something negative, then tap something as follows:

Setup: "I am going in to rescue the aspect, I love the aspect and want to help the Aspect".

Reminder: "I want to help the Aspect".

Then Tap for whatever bad feelings they have, such as:

Setup: "I am going in to rescue the aspect, I love the aspect and want to help the Aspect about this feeling of inadequacy".

Reminder: "Inadequacy".

If the negative feeling recedes, keep going till it is as little as possible. Then carry out the following. The following is also true if the feeling does not receded after tapping a few times.

Ask yourself "What does the Aspect need to feel better?"

Use your imagination. For example, maybe sending the aspect a box full of sparkly golden security that she opens. She is then surrounded by it and it keeps her safe.

Or you can send her confidence. Or a tiger or dragon r fairy godmother. Use your imagination.

Remember, this is only a film of the past. The past is gone. We are only treating the energy Aspect that is stuck in there. We can change the film for her.

We are working with energy. We can change a memory. This changes the energy of the aspect in that memory. And that can change our energy.

Tap as you send the Aspect whatever she needs.

Keep using your imagination. Let the story unfold in a better way. Let the Aspect experience the new film. Rewrite the film.

Keep going until the Aspect feels better. Or keep going until the Aspect has better strategies to cope with the situation. Keep going till the film is more positive.

It may take one session. It may take 10. You are not in a race. Take one step at a time. Congratulate yourself for every step.

To learn more about EFT, many practitioners have free guides you can download. Or you can attend a self-help course live online or in person, whichever suits you best. EFT is becoming more and more popular, quite simply because it is an excellent self-help tool. Sometimes, you need a practitioner to guide you and hold a safe space for you. Sometimes, you can do it on your own. That gives you true control.

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