I remember that time early on in my hypnosis career. This was before I had discovered EFT. I worked next door to a very good Chinese doctor and excellent acupuncturist. I wanted to take in the more challenging stop-smoking cases and had heard that the combination of acupuncture and hypnotherapy were producing great results. So I spoke to my acupuncturist colleague and we agreed that I send him the more challenged clients for acupuncture in combination with my hypnotherapy.

We had success after success. People I had previously not been able to help were succeeding with relative ease. The mixture of the mind and body treatments was excellent.

Then I learned EFT. EFT, otherwise known as Tapping, involves the stimulation of certain acupressure points whilst verbally connecting briefly to the problem. The first client I tried it with was a then smoker. I had given him hypnosis in a session before and he was one of the few returning for a booster. The EFT worked within minutes. I was sold.

Since then, most client treatments have not been quite as dramatic, but I believe you only experience that magic a few times in life. And I am glad my time to experience it was then. I set about from then on combining hypnotherapy with EFT tapping, with results just as astounding as hypnotherapy with acupuncture.

It started dawning upon me that if I just used the techniques I developed for my stop smoking program without hypnosis and using only EFT, it was going to work. It did. And it worked even better than the hypnotherapy with acupuncture. It worked remarkably well.

Hypnosis is still seen as the number one method of stopping smoking. And that is because it has been around for longer than EFT and there re many TV and stage shows featuring hypnosis. One day, we will have TV shows about EFT. I really look forward to that.

So, if you are on the path to quit smoking, you will be amazed by the freedom EFT can give you. Try it. It is called Freedom Techniques for good reason!

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© Suzanne Zacharia 2010. My name is Suzanne Zacharia and I am committed to spreading the word about health options. A virus caught at university at the end of 1986, plus medical negligence, meant that I got smokers lung at a relatively young age. In desperation for help with my symptoms and quality of life, I turned to complementary therapy, and I am now a complementary therapist, author and trainer, helping others achieve health and happiness. Want to use this article? You can, as long as you credit me with it and invite your readers to get my FREE book "7 Real Truths of Energy Psychology" at http://www.newagetherapies.com