It is a matter of fact that when you are in a healthy relationship, you bloom and grow in your own way. A healthy relationship is built with love, trust, and compromise. Everything seems to work out when you are in a healthy relationship. You share every detail, cover your partner’s weak points, and focus on growing together. You enjoy others company to the fullest and leave no stone unturned in making your relationship even stronger.

However, many unfortunate couples fail to develop any understanding between them. Well, that’s one aspect of a relationship and can be ignored if you guys still want to be together, but things get serious when a relationship turns toxic. A toxic relationship can literally eat you up from inside. These relationships can cause immense monumental breakage to people. There is no denial of the fact that relationships evolve in every phase of life. There are ups and downs in every relationship, they change, and they grow. However, many relationships never get any better, and they just keep on crashing and burning. If you constantly feel unhappy and insecure while being around your partner, it’s a sign that your partner isn’t the one for you. Instead of uplifting you, they crush you down and insult you.

Well, the best solution to deal with a toxic relationship is to immediately end it. After all, what’s more, important to you than your mental health? But unfortunately, many individuals choose to stay in such relationships. Little do they know that these toxic relationships can have a severe impact on their mental health and can literally destroy their self-esteem.

The following are some signs which clearly tell that you are in a toxic relationship.

Extremely Toxic Communication

Toxic communication is an evident sign that something is really going wrong in your relationship. A healthy relationship is based on strong communication that supports the interests of each other. A person should talk to their partner with kindness and keep in mind that their partner is a totally different person; therefore, it’s okay to have varying opinions and different interests. However, while being in a toxic relationship, instead of talking to each other with kindness and respect, your partner criticizes your opinions, and most of the conversation from his side is filled with sarcasm, tantrums, and hostility. Your partner often avoids talking to you and makes you feel bad about everything you say.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any behavior that reflects the purpose of gaining control over the other person in a violent and humiliating way. Women are mostly targeted victims of domestic violence. If your partner beats you, hurts you emotionally, and humiliates you, then my friend, you are in a toxic relationship. There are very strict laws for domestic violence, and law enforcers take such cases very seriously. If you have been facing domestic violence and still continue to remain silent, then you yourself are responsible for your situation. It is crucial to immediately report such cases to the concerned departments of your country so that strict actions can be taken against the violators.

However, it often happens that many people accuse their spouses of domestic violence by putting false allegations on them. You could literally end up behind bars and will have to face serious life-altering circumstances if your partner accuses you of such a thing. Matters related to the legal system are very complex, and you won’t be able to deal with them alone. Therefore you need to hire a domestic violence defense attorney to help you with everything. San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer has a history of defending many individuals effectively who were accused of domestic violence.


Every year, millions of couples part their ways because of infidelity in the relationship. Being cheated on is probably the worst thing to experience on the planet. It comes along with many different devastating emotions that shatter you completely. You may be the one putting every effort into your relationship to make things work out for you and your partner, but on the other hand, your partner could be cheating on you with someone else without your knowledge. What is more toxic than a relationship like this?

A relationship without loyalty is nothing more than a black hole that just sucks you up. You feel devastated, left all alone, and ignored. If your partner cheats on you, the best revenge is no revenge at all. Just dump his ass and move on with your life. Many people commit the mistake of revenge cheating by cheating back on their partner. This will further tangle the situation as it could result in many unwanted pregnancies, which further drag you to many more troubles.


Where there is love, there is no jealousy. In fact, it seems quite strange when we hear that two people are in love and jealous of each other’s success at the same time. Couples who are inclined towards making their relationship work always feel positive about each other’s success and try their level best to uplift each other. However, if your partner is constantly jealous of your success and tries to make you feel bad about your achievements, then it’s an evident sign that it’s a toxic relationship. A good partner will never degrade you or criticize you over anything. It is crucial to own your partner and take their success as your own achievement. Admire them and celebrate with them. In this way, your other half will know that you support them and are whole-heartedly happy for them.

Your Needs are Ignored

A toxic partner will always prioritize their own needs and pay no attention to yours. If your partner just likes to do whatever they want, even when their acts are going against your wishes and interests, then it’s a clear sign that you are in a toxic relationship. A good partner will always put your interests and demands before theirs and try their level best to fit in with them. In this way, the relationship gets even stronger and healthier because you would be aware of the effort your partner is putting in just to be with you. This will encourage you too to support their wants and needs in every aspect of life as a result of which your relationship will get healthier.

Abnormal Financial Behavior

If your partner is compromising your basic needs for big investments, this behavior could contribute to toxicity in a relationship. Many partners are seen purchasing cars and luxury items while their other halves are deprived of even the basic needs of life. A good partner always compromises his own needs for his loved one and will never make any big investment without consulting the partner. Moreover, they’ll ask for your consent before buying anything. Another important fact about a healthy relationship is that if one partner earns, they make sure they take care of their partner’s needs and never flaunt the fact they are the one who is earning. However, in a toxic relationship, if one person earns, they’ll find ways to run away from their responsibilities and will get selfish when it comes to spending money on the partner’s needs.

You Don’t Agree on Anything

The fact can’t be ignored that every relationship has its own problems. A road is never without bumps, and the key to driving safely is to keep your speed slow and smooth. The same works for the relationships too. If you are not having a good time in your relationship, consider it as a phase and let everything go smoothly, and things will automatically work out naturally. However, in a toxic relationship, nothing ever gets resolved. Partners continuously fight and never try to understand each other. The key to a healthy relationship is to understand the fact that you and your partner are two different personalities who have been raised in completely different styles, so it’s totally fine to have different opinions about everything. If you start accepting this fact, 80% of your relationship will automatically work out. Learn respecting each other's interests and see the magic it does.


Assumptions have caused the majority of breakups. It often happens that if a partner starts finding changes in the behavior of their other half, they’ll automatically start assuming many things. The key to a healthy relationship is to talk about everything to clear up your mind. Doubts and assumptions are the secret killers of relationships. Once they get latched to your relationship, they’ll feed off it until nothing is left. If your partner assumes things about you and never hears your side of the story, puts false allegations on you, and accuses you of something that you didn’t even do, then my friend, pack your bag and get out of this toxic relationship, because nothing hurts more than false accusations. A healthy relationship lays its foundations on trust. If there is no trust, you guys are just living together in a toxic relationship.

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