This is a well-proven fact that your success is dependent on your attitude. People having similar social and educational background attain contrasting level of achievements. So much so that siblings who get almost same type of social exposures and similar genetics achieve different level of success. You may dismiss these observations with stale phrases like ‘lady luck doesn’t smile on everyone.’
However, the fact is that ‘Luck ‘is nothing but right attitude. Irrespective of the nativity or society, there are certain traits, which are perceived as integral part of positive attitude. The utmost important thing is that you must be capable of displaying those traits in obvious manner. There is common list of characteristics that you must develop if you really want to become a true professional in any field.
1. Integrity- Make sure that what goes inside in your mind, what you say to people and your body language all are in perfect harmony. It would be outrageous to believe that you can get success by pretending.
2. Choice of Work- Try your hands in only those fields in which you can attain decent level of expertise and you must have liking towards your work. If you are doing something, you hate to do then you would be compromising on integrity.
3. Diplomacy- Avoid using harsh words for anyone, if someone is not meeting your expectation don’t insult that individual. If you have time then train that individual otherwise part ways on friendly note.
4. Don’t Work on Pleasing Everyone- As a professional you can’t please everyone. In this world you can’t stretch your legs on two boats. You will have to learn to live with this bitter truth. For example, if someone is working with law enforcement agencies of the government he or she would never be expected to please the criminals and law violators.
5. Meet the Expectations: As a true professional, you have to meet the expectations of your client, sub-ordinates, recruiters and all other related people. The most important thing to do is to empathize with them and learn to figure out their genuine concerns and attend to those concerns in polite manner.
6. Improve Your Overall personality- Time is a big limiting factor in this world and first impressions are the only impressions that people remember. Most successful people in this world are endowed with powerful and magnetic personalities. It would be better if you work on this aspect by developing your overall physical fitness, hygiene and the tone of voice.
7. Become a Smooth Performer- Just imagine a circus artist who is constantly struggling with his moves. No one would be interested in watching that sort of performance. People like those performances, which are polished and make the tough moves look easier. Whatever be your pursuit sales, marketing, science or literature make sure that you appear as if you are struggling with your job.
8. Synchronize with Social Life: Everyone has a social life and one should learn to synchronize the social life with professional career. Make sure that the career choice you make in your life is acceptable to your social circle. Otherwise, you may also think about entering a new social circle where you meet like-minded people who value your profession.

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