Go for a corporate training if you are planning to introduce a change or alteration in your career – these programs are designed to grow our professional careers. But not all the courses available in the market are beneficial for your career. Before you choose any course, you should make the complete research on its modules and job prospects. However, the job prospects of any training program depend on the market movement. Interestingly, some corporate training programs are evergreen, considering their job prospects. Today we will be talking about eight evergreen employee training programs that you can pursue in 2019 or 2020 for securing a lifetime career.

Primavera® Unifier Administration REL 17 Online Training

This Project Management training teaches you the practices of managing shells, using configuration packages, creating single-instance and multiple-instance shells. Ideal for Oracle Cloud deployments, this course is highly beneficial for the project managers as it stresses upon the core skills needed for defining data and configuration of Unifier objects.

Oracle PeopleSoft Receivables 9.1 Essentials Online Certification Training

The Oracle PeopleSoft Receivables 9.1 Essentials Online Certification Training course is also among the evergreen online corporate training courses. It is going to create a lot of jobs in 2020. It is designed for the candidates who deal with processes and reports, control tables to enforce business rules, and Navigation and PeopleSoft concepts.

Machine Learning Specialist Training Online

The Machine Learning Specialist Training Online is ideal for IT professionals who wish to pursue their career as a Machine Learning Specialists. Its course module comprises Data Science with R, Text Mining with R, Introduction to Machine Learning, Random Forest, General Boosting & Bagging, Neural Networks, and Support Vector Machines.

Data Science with Python Online Training

The Data Science with Python Online Training program is designed for the IT and software professionals who wish to start a career in analytics and analytics professionals who want to work with Python. This corporate training highlights The Data Manipulation with Pandas, Python Environment Setup and Essentials, The Data Visualization in Python using matplotlib, Mathematical Computing with Python, and Statistical Analysis and Business Applications.

Data Science with Spark

Data Science with Spark is a popular Data and Analytics course, which is designed for the System Admins having a basic knowledge of System Center Configuration Manager. It will take the participants through the various practical scenarios that they face and prepare them to manage Mac OSX with the use of Configuration Manager. The aspirants will be taught the practices of running a Mac device, deploying applications and settings, and using third-party applications.

Linux System Programming Online Training

By pursuing the Linux System Programming Online Training course, you will be learning Signal, Linux system Programming, Process, Posix threads programming, System V-IPC (Inter-Process communication), IPC (Inter-Process communication), and Socket Programming. It is designed for the final year students of BCA, MCA, M.Sc.-IT, BE/B. Tech and M.Tech and working professionals from embedded systems.

MCSA Office 365 Online Certification Training

MCSA Office 365 Online Certification Training is another evergreen employee training course. It is more likely to create a lot of job opportunities in the coming years. This Cloud Computing course is, however, designed for the IT Professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge-base on working on MCSA Office 365. Get this corporate training solution from any genuine institute!

MCSE Business Intelligence Certification Online Training

If you are a Microsoft® Certified Database Professional and wish to move your career towards Business Intelligence, the MCSE Business Intelligence Certification Online Training Course will be an ideal match for you. It offers two modules – Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2012.


Corporate online learning courses are equally beneficial for individuals and corporate companies. As we know, all these courses are designed to prepare the employees for more prominent roles. Such training will improve job satisfaction and boost the performance curve in your organization. So, it will directly affect your business growth. Remember, your workforce is the backbone of your organization. Train them to bring your business to the next level! Provide them with the course or courses that suit their domain most!

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