In the business environment, keeping your company working efficiently is crucial if you want to maximize productivity and profits. The key to having a smoothly running business is ensuring that all your computers and IT support needs are met. Thus, you may want to contact a company that provides IT support for business to ensure that your computers are not only updated, but also that the support team responds promptly to fix any problem that might arise.

But, how can you be sure that the IT outsourcing company is capable of providing your computer and network support needs? Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when selecting a network support company for your business.


One of the first considerations that you need to look for is the whether the network support company has the certifications indicating that they have the right expertise to handle network support jobs. One of the certifications that you may want to look for is the Cisco Network Support certification. Be sure to check the authenticity of any certification presented by the company. Apart from the company’s certification, it is equally important that you check the qualifications of the technicians assigned to handle your network support job. You want technicians who can provide more than just the basic computer support.

The experience

Be sure to contract a company that has adequate experience and expertise in providing IT support. The company should be able to provide network support on-site as well as remotely. Alongside the experience, you may also want to look at the technology applied by the company before hiring them.

The service level agreement- SLA

Be sure to study and understand the terms of engagement or SLA before signing any contract with the IT support company. Pay specific attention to the terms of agreement including the types of services offered by the company, the hardware and software requirements as well as the type of support offered, whether on or off-site. Finally, look at the penalties that are applied when either party breaks the contract.


Look at your business’ current and future needs, and based on this choose the right company. It is important that you establish a long-term partnership with the support company rather than dealing with a company that cannot guarantee services in the future.


Another important factor that you need to consider when hiring an IT support company is its reliability. You want a company that can quickly respond and solve any problems that may arise in your computer networks. Time is of essence in every business, and a good IT support company should be dedicated to fulfilling this. Location and transport are two great indicators that the company can respond to a short notice and prevent extended downtime. In short, look for a company that has is reliable 24/7.


A good IT support company should be ready to showcase, and even refer you to previous and present clients. Be sure to interview these clients in order to find out about their experience with the support company. This underpins why you should stick with the company that has a longer record of accomplishment, since you will have more references to interview.

Approach to work

Most IT support companies will only come to your aid when the problem is apparent and is hampering your daily normal operations. Opt for a company that provides regular maintenance rather than one time problem resolution. The fact that you are paying a fee for network and IT support means that you should be receiving regular maintenance rather than emergency interventions during times of crisis.

The pricing

Although pricing should never be the primary guiding factor when selecting an IT support provider, it can help you make an informed decision. Some companies offer overpriced services. Thus, if you are unfamiliar with the industry, then you might end up paying more than what the service is worth. Be sure to compare the fees charged by different providers before settling on one. You are better off opting for a service provider that is flexible in terms of packages and payment options.

The choice of an IT support company can mean the difference between success and failure for your business. Sound computer networking is crucial to the success of any business’ operations since it is responsible for handling communication at all levels. This is why you need make the right choice of a company that offers managed IT services to keep your business running efficiently.
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