During the 2012 masters, Henrik Stenson shocked people with his sudden return to form. On the first day, he was already leading the tournament standing on the 18th hole. It was at this point that disaster strike when his tee shot went straight in the tress followed by a poor shooting choice. Nowadays, this is called the “Stenson Snowman”.

Well, if only he had used a GPS. Anyway, with a good GPS, these eight tips below can help you keep away the snowman and while also building consistency in your game.

1. Target the center of the green

This is among the best tips you can ever receive if you are a higher handicapper. For instance, if you miss like around 10 yards in each direction from the center of the green, you will still be having a good chance of finally hitting the green.
It is usually difficult for the higher handicapper to always get up and down but using this technique will definitely help in improving your scores.

For now, you shouldn’t be worrying yourself about the front and back distances given by the GPS. Instead, focus on that distance to the center of the green.

2. Know your distances

Most of these GPS gadgets have the ability to allow you to measure the distance traveled by the ball after you hit it. Take ten shots with different clubs then find the average distance by taking five measurements that were close together.

You will get the average distance each of the clubs and this will come a long way in helping you to improve your game.

Having this information will eliminate any hesitation you always have when trying to pick the right club and help you stay on top of the game.

If the one you are using doesn’t have this feature, try checking buying guide a golf GPS and see if you can find one that has it.

3. Regular distance check

Since there is always a room for improvement, higher handicappers will always have swing changes compared to the lower handicappers. This may cause them to hit the ball a bit further thus changing your club choice.

This is why it is important to always practice with your GPS and keep on mastering the art of measuring the clubs distances as this will most definitely change your game with better performance.

It is also important to keep on practicing if you ever decide to use different equipment since different manufacturers and shafts might have some impact on the distances.

4. Recovery shots to layups

More often, higher handicappers tee shots usually find their way to the trees followed by a wrong shot which leaves the ball even further away from the hole.

Anyway, if a person is using a GPS, you can use the point to point technology in it to provide you with a yardage that will make you be safe for your next shot.

Of course, this is good when you know your distances.

5. Collecting stats off the GPS

These gadgets usually have the ability to keep your stats while you are playing. You can always use this information to check on the areas that need improvement and work on them. This way, you will be able to improve your game.

6. Using shots wisely

It is true that most of your big scores are usually brought as result of poor tee shots. This will always leave you in unsafe situations.

Try using a rescue club or even 5 iron off your tee if you are comfortable with it. This will help in creating some consistency in your scoring pattern thus helping your game. With this techniques, the worst you can get is a few yards to the green thus giving you an opportunity to still get a good result.

7. Course management

Good quality GPS gadgets always come with some graphical coarse maps. You need to check them out before stepping to a particular course and see what dangers you might face if you decide to pick a particular course.

This strategy will help you to be fully prepared and make your game plan each time you go to a new course.

8. Always have your GPS

Well, there is no way you can use all these techniques without having your GPS with you. It won’t be a good idea if you just use your GPS in competitions alone. Using it on a regular basis will make you gain much confidence as you also get to know how to use it.

It is important to have it each time you set out for training and any other games if you want to improve.


Well, you wanted to get rid of the Stenson Snowman right? Why don’t you use these few strategies and see if there will be any different?. Start using golf GPS today for a great golfing experience.

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