Most people do not look forward to growing old. Interestingly, though, many studies of well-being find that older Americans are the happiest. Reported feelings of wellbeing start going up at age 55 and continue to climb well into the 80s. The reasons behind it may vary depending on circumstances, of course, but here are eight great benefits of reaching an old age that can help explain them.

More Time

More free time is probably the most highly anticipated benefit of retirement. A senior's time is his or her own. Seniors can reconnect with old friends, get a new hobby or enjoy an old one, become an expert on the topic of their choice, or even go back to school. Now is the time to do all those things that they were just too busy to do before.

More Freedom

With more time comes more freedom. Seniors no longer have parents or a boss to answer to, so they can focus their time on what is most important to them: travel, family, a favorite hobby, spending time with friends, volunteer work, reading, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Less Peer Pressure

Something wonderful happens to most people as they age--status among peers is no longer very relevant or important. Keeping up gives way to accepting themselves. To a much greater extent than when they were younger, they can truly be themselves without fearing social repercussions.


You can't teach experience, and older people have an abundance of it. The brain may slow down with age, but life experience makes up for it by providing rich context and background with which to solve problems. Answers may come slower, but they're better.

Improved Perspective on Life

With more time for self-reflection and a wealth of experience on which to reflect, seniors come to realize what is really important to them.

Closer Relationships

When seniors become unable to do everything on their own, a surprising benefit of their new vulnerability can emerge closer bonds with family and friends. They get to understand and appreciate the most important people in their lives in a new and deeper way.


Aging of the body is unavoidable, but seniors who accept growing older put less pressure on themselves to be perfect. They can feel great about who they are despite physical failings.

Financial Freedom

There are many financial benefits to getting older: senior discounts at restaurants, theaters, and other entertainment venues; tax benefits, including extra deductions and reduced filing requirements; social security; and affordable health insurance. If finances are difficult, there are many programs that can help seniors achieve financial freedom.

For many seniors, the golden years are really golden.

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