Life is full of unexpected problems and being so, stress is something we experience. The good news is that problems can be resolved. Without problems there is no work and there will be no joy that comes as a result of having dealt with a problem successfully thus succeeding.

However, we should avoid stress while we are in problems or dealing with our problems. Stress isn't good for your health and mine too. It just ruins the happiness in us that we deserve. I know it can be very challenging to cope with worries. Each day you get pulled in many directions, attempting to please other people and as a result you get worried. If you don't overcome your worries you become nervous and eventually stressed out.

When you're stressed out your family is affected and your friends too. They actually can't tell what is disturbing you and they'll start seeing you as a stranger because they no longer understand you the way they used to.

You should take a break when you're worried and nervous. Go watch a movie, buy something new like a dress or do positive things that will inspire and uplift your spirit. Meanwhile your family can watch over themselves since you need time to be alone just like they do occasionally.

Eight Methods of Dealing with Stress

1.) Discuss your problems with a psychologist, friends or your family. Keeping everything to yourself can just worsen your problems and you may end up being more stressed. Join a local support group and talk with others who have a similar problem like yours e.g alcoholism.

2.) Exercise regularly. Walk in the park about 20 to 30 minutes each day. Exercises will calm your mind thus reducing tension. Going with your friend to a gym might be of great help when dealing with stress.

3.) Yogic exercises. Sit by yourself in a room that is very quiet and start breathing deeply. Select whichever mantra that will keep you focused. Yogic exercises will help you to deal with stress.

4.) Music can help calm you down. Listen to an instrumental or classical piece of music. Ocean sounds can be very helpful to you when dealing with stress. Music will relieve you from stress.

5.) Eating healthy can lower stress. Make sure you eat at least three meals everyday and try to stay away from caffeine and eating much sugar.

6.) Not getting enough sleep can lead to stress. Getting seven to eight hours of sound sleep each night can do the trick. Your mind will have rested making you to feel fresh and relaxed.

7.) Laughter will release stress. You have probably listened and watched comedies that made you laugh so much. Comedies, friends who are funny and online jokes are examples where you can derive laughter from. When you laugh you feel so good and get relieved from worries that make you to be stressed out.

8.) Stay away from situations that cause stress as much as possible.

Life only lasts for such a short time and having too much stress can shorten the time even more that you have to live. There is nothing too important as your state of mind and health. Eleanor Roosevelt said and I quote, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." This is so true. You should never allow stress to make you feel inferior. It is entirely your choice to decide to be happy thus avoiding stress.

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