It is a fact that when beginners start out running the result often leads to injuries and pain and so some will quit. When anyone starts out with a plan to get fitter and healthier often that initial enthusiasm can lead to being overzealous in certain ways. Slow and gradual get better results though because you are going to stay with it, and not hurt yourself. Running does not have to be a solo experience, although if you prefer it to be that way then it can be. There are also opportunities for socialising through an in-person or virtual running club, running boards, races and other running events. Here are 8 things you can do to avoid hurting yourself and have a better start.

1) Walk first, then run

As eager as you might be if you have not done any running before and you are not especially fit, then you might want to start out with walking. Within a couple of weeks or so, you can build up to a fast-paced walk and then introduce some running with the walking until you build up the running and reduce the walking.

2) Choose appropriate runners  

What you wear on your feet will have a huge impact on the comfort as you run, potential injuries and pain after each run. You do not have to spend a whole month’s salary on your running shoes but look for ones you can afford that also offer better support. Make sure you do not wear trainers that are too small either.

3) Include rest days in between

It is a good idea to have a day off between your running days just so your body can recover. If you still want to exercise in some way you can do an easy bike ride or do some strength work at a gym.

4) Distance is not the only thing to focus on

As much fun as it is to track how far you run, maybe using a running club app or some other tech, your distance is not the only thing to judge your achievement by. You could work on just the time you are out there running, or you can go by the route you can take.

5) Run at a slower pace than you might think

For the first couple of months, it is a good idea to have a slower pace than you might think. Just so you can adjust and get used to it.

6) Allow your body occasional recovery periods

As well as planning a day in between where you do not run also consider other options to help it recover. Ice baths are good for the muscles and a regular massage is also wonderful.

7) Have a running friend

Having a running friend from a virtual running club, or a friend who wants to join you is a great way to stay motivated.

8) Hold off on running events

A lot of people suggest planning on joining your first race is a good motivation tip but perhaps for now hold off for a few months. Use your running club app and other motivation tips. Preparing for a race can lead to injuries as people push too hard.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis