Some people do claim that the brain has not been fully exploited. Is this true? I found out that the brain keeps on breeding new ideas; perhaps some of us haven't exploited our brains fully so as to realize our potential. Every person is uniquely gifted by God. Your talent is far much different from mine. You don't know that you have a talent? Are you serious about this?

You see, when you claim that you don't know what your talent is then that is the reason why some people claim that the brain has not been fully exploited. Your potential is untapped and it's idling inside you. If this potential is tapped, then it performs wonders beyond your expectations.

Eight Ways of Taking care of Your Brain

1.) Positive Attitude: So, what you feed your brain determines what you become. Fill your mind with positive attitude and by doing this you eliminate frustrations in your life. Don't concentrate on your past failures. Just move forward since there is much to be attained.

2.) Own Decisions: Make your own decisions and let no one decide for you. Learn how to reason rationally. If you allow an outside mind to decide for you, then you're permitting it to control you. When you're not in control of your mind, it loses its effectiveness.

3.) Have a Purpose: Until you have a mind of purpose, you'll always wander aimlessly. You'll be tossed from one idea to another without any progress in your life. Having a specific purpose overcomes aimless. Fears, worries and self-pitying should not find a place in your brain. "He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure."-James Lane Allen

4.) Have a Plan: You should have a plan once you have identified your specific purpose. Don't doubt your plan. Just execute the plan courageously.

5.) Be Responsible: Take responsibilities of your decisions by not blaming other people. People won't take you serious and they won't like to be associated with you because you end up blaming them whenever things go wrong.

6.) Pay the Price: Nothing is for free, you have to work. The thing you refer as for free it's not absolutely for free. Somebody had to pay the price for it. Those who sacrifice little achieve little but those who sacrifice more achieve a lot.

7.) Work: The Holy Bible tells us that work provides for our needs. Work makes you to have a purpose and to prosper. Protect your mind by working so that you don't end up living a miserable life. Don't dream about chances in your life. People don't succeed through chances but only by working.

8.) Humble: Pride will bring you down to shame. Humble yourself before others and know that God is a living God and anything you perceive as being impossible is only possible through him.

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