What are electric boilers

Tech world is heading towards modernization, thus bringing ease of life for all. Electric boilers are the replacement of traditional gas method of heating. These boilers are useful for heating your home and comes with an easy installation process. An electric furnace uses electricity that is readily available in comparison to gas heating services that require fuels to heat your premises and is inefficient.

Why opt electric boilers

There are several reasons to upgrade your method of heating and choose electric boilers now.


When at home, we all need peace and loves the feeling of relaxation. One can opt for electric boilers as they are quiet and noiseless. They come up with different shapes and capacity but works efficiently and smoothly, just like electric kettles. You will be at peace while going with electric boilers installation process as well.

Replacement to gas boilers

They are undoubtedly the best replacements for gas method heating. In places like London, where temperatures dropped to negative, these boiler works systematically by maintaining the adequate temperature of the entire premises and as an add-on provide hot water in no time.

Many places lack fuel access and even suffers no fuel access; in that case, gas heating is impossible. But electric connections of warming brings ease in lives by providing on-demand hot water in chilly weather.
Arranging gas at the time shortage is out of the question.

Advantages of Electric boilers

The first and foremost factor, which is essential to consider while opting for electric boilers is ‘safety’. These boilers produce no harmful gas/emissions, thus keeping you and your home healthy and hazard-free, unlike oil boilers.

As there are no harmful emissions of gases such as CO while using electric boilers, they are fit for the environment. It is a non-polluting solution.

While using electric boilers, all the energy is turn out to be heat itself which is usable for various purposes. A very little heat is said to be lost while heating water. On the contrary, oil boilers waste a lot of energy and are energy-inefficient.

Ease of use
The set-up process of electric boilers are relaxed, less complicated and needs less installation. Gas boilers need more piping for setting up plus as an add on they need continuous attention and profession servicing around a year. They are compact and can fit any place, so without compromising looks; they maintain the appearance of your home.
Electric boiling is easy to use and does not require any hustle and bustle of storing gas in advance, unlike oil boilers.

Final Words

An electric boiler is a futuristic approach. To bring ease in lifestyle, they come in various varieties such as direct-acting electric boilers, storage boilers, dry core storage. Demanding on user requirements; one can be chosen. Choose the best that suits all your needs while considering the installation process that fits well in your budget. Opting electric boilers brings comfort and rich lifestyle, and at the same time brings greener life for all.

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