Over the years you hear more people in your local neighbourhood and news bulletins been the victim of burglaries. You may have been the subject of a burglary yourself, they usually enter your premises either when it’s vacant or when you’re asleep in bed.

Now there are some key steps and measures you can incorporate both in your premises as well as around the perimeters to help prevent any crimes for occurring. For starters, when it comes to the building itself you can either key the locks to make sure they are closed at all times or use some kind of bolts that ensure the property remains firmly closed when you’re inside. However, for these security devices to be installed solely on their own it would take a burglar entering only a minute or two to gain access. Installing CCTV and access control systems around the premises can still be easily bypassed as there are no preventative measures guarding the perimeters.

Depending on what you’re trying to protect depends on which of these defence mechanisms you choose to install. If you’re looking to safeguard just your home and its boundaries it is worth investing in sliding gates, manual or electronic as it takes time to open unnoticed. Manual sliding gates are relatively heavy and require you to physically open the gate. They are also robust and can withstand extreme force. Electronic sliding gates usually require a keypad pass code or an electronic fob to gain access, making uninvited entry relatively difficult. Therefore, it is recommended that you install sliding gates to help safeguard your premises.

If you’re looking to protect both elements on your land, such as livestock as well as your property it is recommended that you install sliding gates in conjunction with electric fencing. Not only will you be safeguarding your entrance, you will also be protecting the areas on the boundaries that are susceptible to easy access. Along with this, if your containing livestock it also keeps then within the boundary. If an intruder tries to gain access over the electric fencing they will receive a mild electric shock, enough to deter them but not be fatal.

Sliding gates are often used on both homes and business premises where valuable possessions are vulnerable to thieves. They are also used predominantly on the entrances to shopping centres and high security facilities. Electric fences are often used around farms and high security prisons to help deter both intruders entering and escapees such as livestock or prisoners exiting.

If you require access control systems such as electric fencing or sliding gates to improve the security around your premises Zaun can provide you with affordable fencing systems and useful advice to suit your needs.

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