ERW or Electric Resistance Welding steel pipes are widely used in industries including agriculture and irrigation, water piping system, sewage system, water piping systems, parking barriers, galvanized steel fencing and steel gates and windows. ERW refers to a peculiar welding process which actually entails spot welding and seam welding. This particular type of welding is widely employed for manufacturing of rectangular, round and square tubing. In the construction industry these ERW steel pipes are widely utilized for the manufacture of scaffolding products.

ERW Stainless Steel Pipes Tubes: Do you know everything about them?

Needless to say, these pipes actually come with varied benefits—which is the reason why the services of ERW Stainless Steel Pipes Tubes Distributors Mumbai are in great demand. So, which benefits are we exactly talking about here? Let us explore in the course of this post. Do read on!

We have already told you that ERW pipes are manufactured with the help of spot welding. It means that only the ends of the pipes or tubes are heated. Thanks to the manufacturing process itself, the entire length of the pipes remains clean. The only parts that need to be trimmed and cleaned are the (end) points that are actually welded. It further means that there is no need for post-welding cleaning processes.

What are the Benefits of using ERW Pipes?

Additionally, the only change in the dimension throughout the length of the pipe occurs right at the welded seam points. The welded seam points are ground away – paving the way for a flat, clean seam that actually runs the entire length of the tube which facilitates standardization of the dimension throughout. It means that we actually have the facility to install the ERW pipes within constricted areas.

The best manufacturers out there ensure that the entire manufacturing process is carried in facilities backed by state of the art machinery using graded raw materials. As such, if you are taking the trouble to procure your pipes only from the most credentialed manufacturers out there, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits that are so unmistakably associated with top-notch ERW pipes and tubes:

High tensile strength


Resistance to corrosion


What you should do

So, as you can well understand – it is actually very important to check the credentials of the manufacturers thoroughly before you are reaching out to them for the products. There is no dearth of such manufacturers offering services in the country. However, do not forget that there are obvious differences between them in terms of credentials. There definitely are certain ways with the help of which you will be able to judge them. Read reviews. Check ratings. Find out what different people, who have already accessed their pipes and tubes have to say about them. It is very important on your end to ensure that you are seeking personal recommendations from people as well.

Procuring quality ERW pipes will not really be a problem if you are following these points.

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