People always try to find the efficient solution for the financial savings. There are many great tools created and launched, including CFL lights or modern windows which can help reduce the cost of the monthly electric bill. In this article, we introduce to you one more saving device – Electric Tankless Water Heater.

Standard water heaters continuously heat water in a large reservoir which is set up in the basement. That process is uneconomical and wastes much energy. Generally, the electric tankless provides you the energy efficiency, small room, longer lifetime, and cheap running cost.

Then, how much money and energy can the tankless save for you? At first, you have to spend money on buying a tankless at higher prices with the essential plumbing. Standard tanks cost around $300 for each unit but the price can range up to one thousand dollars basing on different designs.

Nevertheless, the tankless starts with the minimum cost around $1000. Although you have to pay higher at first, you can save much money in a long time of use because the tankless consume less power than standard heaters do. The first payment required from starting is not promising for all people, conversely.

By the time, tankless heaters will help save money on water and electric bills every month. Residences can save money when they don’t use energy for standby heat which is keeping water hot continuously to use.

The standard types are regularly decreasing temperature since their water isn’t being used. If you use the tankless, you don’t lose the temperature for heating the water again.

The standard type has a duration of 10 to 13 years and the tankless heater has a longer lifetime around 20 years. If you don’t have a plan to move in a short time, installing the tankless will help you save money and avoid replacement fees. In the case, you want to move sooner than 20 years, setting up a tankless helps increase your house’s value.

Another big benefit of the tankless which is seldom talked about is space savings in the basement. Standard heaters include a big capacity of 40 – 60 gallons. That means a unit has a height around 60 inches x 24 inches. Obviously, a tank can take much space in a house and it’s difficult to install in a small house.

A tankless has a size of a big computer around 20 inches x 28 inches on average. The depth is also around 10 inches at the maximum level. You can set it up on the wall as a small box. It’s so easy to store.

Disadvantage of electric tankless water heaters
The tankless has also a main problem that it can’t provide enough hot water for a large family. The standard heater can keep 60-gallon hot water at one time and heat it again quickly so that the supply won’t be used up easily. That allows many family members to use a lot of hot water at a time, including laundry, shower, and more.

After reading the difference between the standard water heater and the electric tankless water heater, you may know how to make a right choice when shopping. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us or read more articles on this website.

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