Nowadays, everyone is prone to live in cities rather than living in towns, and the foremost problem of staying in a city is a lack of place. therefore, to avoid the problem of in one’s place, one can opt for buying one-wheeled electric vehicle for oneself. The vehicles that are fitted with one wheel can be easily parked in one’s house and even at one’s courtyard or verandah as well. Such vehicles are not provided with much speed, therefore one riding such bikes will allow one to enjoy the ride and interact with the passer-by while riding. Even the chances of collision of such vehicles are indeed less.

The solo wheeled bikes are provided with a comfortable seat at the top and has a firm grip and firmness and provides one with proper access for riding such bikes.
Such vehicles can be easily considered as the best for one as it provides one with a luxurious and a comfortable ride. The bikes are provided with traditional bike seats and have proper handlebars and provide one with the feeling of riding a bicycle, that is redesigned and remodeled to provide the shape and design of the current model. The cost of such bikes range up to $999 and the maximum power for the battery is 16mph. A person, who is more or less 250 lb can easily opt for such bikes for one’s use. The solo bikes need to be charged for once a day and it can run up to 25 miles without putting a break.

The solo bike users are recommended to wear safety equipment like wrist pads, helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads to avoid any kind of injury. Such solo bikes are provided with side and front training wheels, which needs to be fixed by the user itself according to one’s flexibility. Fixing the wheels by oneself will allow the prevent one from tripping down as it will provide one with an idea about the height that of the bike as well.
One wheeled electric vehicle has multiple features, that is built into its products. The software present in the bike saves the rider from falling forward by pushing the back when a rider leans too forward. Ther is a warning time fixed, that alerts the rider if one is out of control or reaches the maximum limit.

The app that is present in the bike, allows the rider to change the mode of such bikes and also helps one to reduce the speed and increase the stability, or even increase the speed of the bikes as well. But such bikes should be used with extreme caution. The solo bikes measure safety as its first priority and therefore, an individual availing such bikes should take care of reading the guidelines properly before using it for oneself. Once an individual gets accustomed to it, the bikes can be considered as the easiest, safest and fastest way of communicating from one place to the other.
The one-wheeled electric vehicle is indeed compact and is an easy way to communicate in small distances and generally have smaller footprints as compared to that of a normal bicycle. Such solo cycles help to avoid unobtrusive movements in a crowded places like live markets and sidewalks.

The motors of the bikes are fixed within the wheel and are generally known as a hub motor. The wheel is only moving part of the vehicle. The only part that is generally connected to the ground is the paddle, which is generally very small and enables one to cross any congested place easily without facing any problem.

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The author, Jeo Nash is an user of one-wheeled electric vehicle and has seen the growing demand of people to go green and use such vehicles for transportation in small distance gap as well.