I will never win an award for running (unless you consider slowest marathoner of all time an award) but I finish what I start, be that projects or marathons. So the last month has been a puzzle. I cut short 2 long runs and completely bonked on a 10 miler. The last 20 minutes of my aikido class was spent pouring cold water over my head and watching my arm vibrate like it was in an electrical socket. And these were not the most disturbing things.

My memory is usually very sharp. My mood is usually upbeat and energetic. If you were to chart these 2 over the past month or so, it would look like shark’s teeth. Lisa would be talking and I would be off on other planes. And this was by no means selective listening which I have been wrongfully accused of in the past. (Outright slander here. Most of the time, this was outright slander!) Other times she would ask me simple questions like “What color is that glass over there. You know the green one. Kermit the frog. Grass. Preying mantis. Anything ringing a bell here?” I would have this deer-in-the-headlights look, bemoaning the fact that apparently Kermit the frog is now laying in our grass after being attacked by a preying mantis. What in the world is going on here?

The answer came after eating a bag of Sharkies Organic Chews yesterday — extreme electrolyte depletion. Electrolytes are similar to spark plugs. They conduct electricity and provide a fluid balance in the body, among other things. Common electrolytes are sodium, potassium and chloride. When levels are low, symptoms such as forgetfulness, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, stomach upset and a host of others can occur.

Why do they occur? The most common reason is excessive sweating without replacement. Here is the problem. I did not factor in the heat and humidity AND long miles when thinking about the October Ultra. Long miles in 95 degree/100% humidity is rough on the system.

Post run recovery drinks are a must but with high miles in this type of weather, it is simply not enough. The amounts in the best of the best drinks are only about 25-30% of what is needed, particularly when one is a Clydesdale and sweats like a cow, like yours truly.

There are a number of good products out there but the ones I like the best are:

Endurolytes OR Performance Electrolyte Stamina by Trace Minerals Research


Pure Inland Sea Water, also by Trace Minerals Research (I also added Doc Wellness Formula to the mix for a potent mix.)

This combination works very well, providing the body with a full spectrum of ionic minerals, trace minerals and electrolytes.

Now, I am happy to report that Kermit the frog is fine, happy at home with the rest of the Muppets. The preying mantis is busy munching away on a dragonfly. The Yankees are on and the bases are loaded with one out. So unless Derek Jeter hits into a game ending double play, I am pretty sure I can’t hear Lisa in the other room asking me to take Lightning the wonder dog out for his last walk of the day.

Yes, all is right with the world.

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Dr. David Orman is the creator of the best selling Doc Wellness Formula found at DocWellnessWorld.com