The topic EMFD = Electromagnetic field disturbance is receiving more and more attention due to the increasing use of mobile phones, blackberries, Bluetooth, microwave radiation and Wi-fi. There seems to be a whole invisible world out there, and of course the idea "Only what I see exists" is outdated. I often hear comments like "It can't be that bad", "Another thing 'they' want to scare us with..." and then... nothing happens! And I can understand why, because the issue is rather vast and complex. A lot of detailed information, understanding of quantum physics and electronics is required to get a good understanding of the dangers of EMFD.

The NEW YORK TIMES reports of a study that was designed to find out if there is a link between cell phones and cancer, and they found out: "...These showed that subjects who used a cell phone 10 or more years doubled the risk of developing brain gliomas, a type of tumor."

Suffering from EMFD can look like this for instance: a patient was suffering from a terrible chronic fatigue that left him unable to work since the new sending pole was put up in his area. He asked me to switch off the computer as well while he was sitting in my office, as he got so sensitive to all the electromagnetic energies that tiredness hit instantly. I switched off the computer and his eyes came to life again. Of course, as a healing practitioner I cannot remove the sending pole, but I could significantly help with an amalgam detox. Heavy metals amplify the EMFD, and their removal is a first step towards a better health.

Then I realized that I myself suffered from fatigue attacks. It was mainly around 17.00 to 19.00 hrs, when it was the strongest. I thought it is connected to my computer, because by then I would have sat there for some hours a day. However, I learnt that this is the time, where sending poles are most active – and we have also got one in our area. I also noticed a slight short-term and long-term memory decline not long after the pole was built.

Other signs of EMFD can be ear noises, headache and migraine, sensations of restlessness.

In order to understand how we get affected, it is useful to look at this video made by Dr. Klinghardt, a psychologist and doctor, and my teacher. In recognition of his work, in May 2007, Dr Klinghardt won the prestigious award as "physician of the year" from the Global Foundation for his Integrative Medicine work, which is known through his teachings worldwide.

When you have gained the understanding that we have an energy field around us which is communicating with our body and vice versa, the DNA communicates through light to this energy field, it is easier to understand that electromagnetic frequencies can interrupt this communication and even seriously damage our bodies.

In the book "Dirty Electricity", Dr. Samuel Milham, a physician-epidemiologist specialized in public health., reports about his research. It shows that occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields links to diseases like leukemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more.

When I read that a Danish university found out that exposure to 850 Hz and more creates blood clotting, I used the darkfield microscope to see if holding a mobile phone in my hands would create blood clotting as well.

It was quite astonishing to see such a big difference in such a short time.

Wow, that's a lot to digest!

Next newsletter I would like to share with you more about what we can do about this!

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Sangitama M. Huebner is trained in acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, color healing, dark field microscopy, deep tissue massage, dietetics, blood analysis, Mental Field Therapy, psycho- kinesiology, Shiatsu/Okido Yoga, organic medicine and hand and foot reflexology.

She has led the Humaniversity Addiction Program Intensive (HAPI) for over 20 years. Sangitama M. Huebner is Clinical Director, Chief Supervisor for Health and Healing, Therapist Training Counselor and Healing Practitioner recognized by the FAGT (Federatie voor Additief Geneeskundig Therapeuten).

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