Maintaining the integrity of the electromagnetic (EM) fields that are generated by the human heart and brain is an important key to maintaining a healthy body and happy heart. Electromagnetic field dysfunction (EMFD) increases your vulnerability to psychic invasions and environmental situations that can deplete your vital energy, induce pain states, weaken your physical strength and immune system, disrupt sleep patterns, inhibit your efforts to manifest positive life circumstances, and more.

Modern lifestyles, environmental conditions, and a number of other situations are greatly disturbing human EM fields. By taking the simple steps noted below, you will begin the process of restoring your EM fields to their optimal function level. Benefits of optimized EM field function can include:

• Better results from other health and wellness strategies
• Consistently feeling highly energized and excited about life
• Elimination or lessening of physical pain
• Clearer thinking
• Improved sleep patterns
• Reduced sense of overwhelm regarding life conditions
• Minimization of invasive energies from other people or places
• Improved physical strength and stamina
• Stronger and more stable positive emotional states
• More moments of love and joy in your heart
• Increased ease in manifesting positive life circumstances

Steps for improving your electromagnetic health:

1) If you have wireless internet service, turn off the power to your router/modem boxes when your computer is not in use. Some routers are contained inside the modem. In other cases, the modem connects to a router and then those two units connect to your computer. ALWAYS turn off the power to the router before you go to bed. Just turning off your computer will not stop the high-frequency, wireless signals, which are being broadcast from an antenna inside or on top of the router box, not your computer.

NOTE: Cable companies and even DSL suppliers are now regularly providing routers that convert the cable or DSL signals to a high frequency radio signal, and then broadcast the signal from a small antenna inside the router box. The antenna broadcasts in all directions, with a typical broadcast radius of 100 to 300 feet or more from the antenna—it's like having a miniature radio station in your home or office, and these aerial "wireless" signals can be picked up by any computer within appropriate range that has wireless capability. This local area wireless networking is called Wi-Fi, which means "wireless fidelity".

If a router is associated with your computer set-up, don't assume that just because your computer is plugged into a cable or a phone line, that you don't have wireless service. If you can access the internet from another computer in your home that is not connected directly to a cable or DSL line, your router is broadcasting a wireless signal. You won't be able to turn off the broadcast without turning off the power to the router or switching out the box to a type of router that does not have this wireless conversion capacity.

On occasion, people find that even with no wireless router, they are still picking up a wireless signal. If you have a neighbor with wireless service and you are within 300 feet of their router, their wireless signals may be broadcasting through your space. A solution here could be ask the neighbor to turn off the power to their router before they go to bed, for your sake and theirs.

2) When not in use, turn off your cellular telephone, iPad, and other wireless communication/multi-media devices. In applicable cases, set the device to "Flight Mode" or temporarily disable the Bluetooth function. As a general rule, limit cell phone usage, especially lengthy calls. For lengthy calls, use a land line, or make several shorter calls instead, with break periods in-between. Another option is to use a headphone and move the telephone as far away from you as possible. Do not depend on popular cell phone protector tabs to eliminate the harmful effects of electomagnetic radiation from your cell phone.

3) Charge your cellular or cordless phone on its charging base, and then unplug the base unit until the next time you need to charge the phone.

4) If you have wireless devices in your home, office or elsewhere, such as a wireless printer in your office, unplug these devices when not in use. Simply turning off the device may not terminate the high-frequency radio signals that broadcast from inside the device.

5) Spend more time in natural settings like parks and forests, or even your own backyard – places where there are trees, flowers, and other plants. If you like gardening, do more of it. Getting close to the soil (repotting plants, digging or weeding garden beds, etc.) is especially beneficial.

6) Crack your bedroom window at night for more fresh air (provided you live in a place that has fresh air – otherwise, get an ionizer for your bedroom).

7) Take a 3-4 minutes sun bath several times a week. Bare as much skin as possible. Expose your front side for a couple of minutes, and then your back side. Do this outside if possible, and if not, do this inside by sitting near a clear glass window where the sunlight shines in.

8) Sing heart-happy songs – anything that connects your heart and mind into happy memories or makes you feel cheerful and uplifted.

9) Laugh – a lot. Rent funny movies, spend time with friends who make you laugh, revisit memories that make you chuckle, watch comedy shows, observe animal antics, etc.

10) If you are harboring any old or current emotional hurts, resentments, or fears, resolve these issues. Use whatever therapy or intervention is available to you to accomplish this. Unresolved emotional issues are hugely impacting on EM field function.

While there are many additional strategies for optimizing EM field function, implementing the ten simple action steps noted above will put you well on your way to achieving electromagnetic wellness and all of the related benefits.

Author's Bio: 

Michele Fitzgerald is the founder of the Senzar Learning Center, a provider of online seminars and services that incorporate intuition and subtle energy management techniques to facilitate personal growth and whole-life fitness.

Michele has been involved with the study of subtle energy dynamics for the past 30 years and has lectured nationally and internationally on numerous topics within this subject area. For more information about Michele and the influences of human electromagnetism on health and well being, read her personal story at