Today’s digitized world is filled with visibility and recognition, and ironically the other side to that coin is data privacy and security. Data privacy and security leaders focus to protect critical data from various threats. One such leader that focuses on creating global privacy and data protection programs is Elena Elkina.

Elena is a Partner and Co-Founder at Aleada Consulting. She uses her experience and expertise to advise clients on diverse privacy and data protection programs.

The Bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a Best Business Magazine.

A Journey Thitherto Today

Elena has spent a significant amount of time working as a consultant, compliance professional, lawyer, and business owner. For Elena Elkina, privacy hits close to home. Her childhood in a secret city in the Soviet Union morphed into a driving need to safeguard privacy of businesses and individuals. The city Elkina grew up in was literally a secret — it was not on the map. 

The Overview of Aleada

Elena expresses that Aleada is a minority-female-owned privacy and information security firm. It is not a typical consultancy, and the company’s clients are unique. Its clients face a maze of complex privacy and information security laws and consumer expectations where data missteps can trigger fines or worse, leaving companies confused and overwhelmed.

The Long Run

As long as Elena sees herself on a beach in the Maldives enjoying her waterfront home in her future, she wants to create fundamental changes by bringing more diversity to the ever-growing cybersecurity industry as a long goal.

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