Event entrance is the first thing that gets noticed in any event. In many events, it is the only part of the venue other general public can steal a look at, which is why you should focus extra attention on the entrance. The glamour and sophistication associated with red carpets is irresistible. 

Why should celebs have all the fun?

A red-carpet event is usually referred to formal events where politicians, sports heroes, actors or heads of the state make appearance. It is traditionally used for privileged treatment. Red carpet is rolled out to distinguish high-class event attendees.

The closest most of us would have got to a red carpet is when curled up in our couch in sweatpants watching our favorite stars walk down the red carpet in glitzy clothes and accessories. In practice red carpets aren’t confined to only Grammys, movie premiers and sports awarding ceremonies.

Add a touch of glamour to your event:

Be it any party you are hosting, pitch in a luxurious red carpet and make your guests feel special. Looking for red carpet for hire? Get in touch with AU carpet and explain your requirements. They cater small home parties as well as large events. Check out their different options available and create a perfect ambience at your event.

What difference does red carpet make to an event?

  • Let your guests go, ‘Wow!’ when they arrive:  How you make your event attendees feel is important for the success of your event. Gifting attendees a red-carpet experience is bound to make them feel special. When you make the first few moments of the event all about them, they are definitely going to be impressed.
  • You have only one chance to make a great first impression The way you adorn your entrance actually sells the event. Does your event encourage walk-ins? You can attract more attendees by setting up a stellar entrance with red carpet. 
  • Create catchy content for your website: People feel good whilst walking the red carpet. You can ask on camera why they are here and why they feel others should attend. Create a buzz on social media by posting pictures and videos and collect testimonials that can be posted on your website.
  • What better time to click great pictures? Aren’t attendees at their best when they arrive? Clicking pictures when they arrive is the right time to get hold of sharp content.
  • Encourage donations: Interviewing donors while they are walking on the red carpet validates them and in turn encourage others to donate. Who else are the best advocates than your current donors? 

How to make the most of your event?

Select courteous staff at the entrance. Their job would be to greet everyone and encourage participation. Capture a HD video of the entire event. Pull images for GIFs and use them for promotional purposes. Encourage guests to capture pictures. Display logos of sponsors in the Red-Carpet Backdrop and capture pictures of your attendees in front of it.

You don’t have to break the bank to decorate the space. Get creative with balloons and flowers and host an event which would be the talk of the town. 

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