The influence of ceiling lights is highly undervalued, but did you know that a switch can affect the entire aura of a place? Whether home or workplace, the lights in a room play a crucial role in cheering someone up. Vibrant lightings bring positivity that will eventually result in better functioning of the brain. Inappropriate illumination not only creates a negative aura but can also affect your working capability.

 Your house or office can be as luxurious as it can be, but without proper lighting, its size will be of no use. It enhances the beauty of other fitments and makes the room a perfect combination of functionality and style.

Read on further to know which ceiling lighting fixtures will be best for the different rooms in your house and office.


Best Options for Your House

The same old LED bulb in all your rooms can make your house dull and tedious. So, it is time

for you to get rid of the old, outdated fixtures and get some modern lighting fixtures. But, there is one more thing to keep in mind; just like the fitments for every room are different, there are ceiling lights that suit only a particular space. Below are some suggestions for you to opt for the best fixtures.


  1. Enhance your Living Room With the Desired Ceiling Lights

 Not everyone has the same taste. Therefore, you can opt for lightings based on the desired look of your room. If you want the lights to produce ambient lighting, you must go with pendant ceiling lights. One can also opt for a chandelier as it will add a luxurious and regal look. The right choice will make your living room more functional and add a style statement to it.


  1. Ceiling Lighting Guide for Bedroom

A room where you come to take off all your stress should have soothing and relaxing lights. But does this mean that the illumination in your bedroom should be dull and dim? No, this is not what it means. Your bedroom should consist of lightings appropriate for every activity done in it. From dressing in the morning to sleeping at night, there are ceiling lights suitable for all.

For decorating, you can opt for flush mount ceiling lights and semi flush mount lighting. These are ceiling lights containing a bulb covered by decorative glass or plastic. To add extra glamour and elegance, choose chandeliers. Besides this, add wall scones and lamps to give it a contemporary look. These fixtures will make your bedroom both- well-lighted and soothing.


  1. Do not Ignore Your Bathroom.

 Although most of us neglect bathrooms when it comes to home decor, but is it right? Undoubtedly, it is also a crucial part of our house, so, should be equally decorated. A simple light bulb can be sufficient for illumination. But, for beauty and glamour, you will need some

modern ceiling lighting options. Opt for pendant ceiling lights to make your bathroom well illuminated and stylish.


  1. Decorate your Kitchen with Ceiling lighting fixtures

One can not realize the difference made by proper illumination in the kitchen before getting the perfect luminescence fixtures. Pendant lights will be the best choice for you as they will provide you with both a style statement and correct lighting.


Ceiling Lights Guide for Offices

To give an office a contemporary look, fitments alone are no longer enough. It should also have proper illumination that makes it look stylish and also improves the functionality. Lighting not only affects the look of an office but also highly impacts the performance of employees. It impacts the functioning of the brain leading to better productivity. Whatever kind of lighting fixtures you use, their coverings should complement the other fittings. Also, one should opt for cost-effective options as the lights at the office work continuously for hours. You can also choose energy-saving options like lighting fixtures with CFL bulbs.


Find The Best Options At Brillcool

With a wide variety, we offer ceiling lighting options that are contemporary, durable, and

cost-efficient. We understand that lighting is no more used only for illumination purposes as it has now become a style statement. But before buying, Brillcool would like to give some pointers for you to remember-


  1. The lightings should manage the colors of the place. Inappropriate illumination can make the wall colors and other colors of the room look dull. So, choose fixtures that will enhance the beauty of the room.


  1. The fixtures should fulfill your requirements. For example, if you are looking for illumination near a study table, you must go for a lamp instead of other lighting options.


  1. The space you are choosing lights for should always be kept in mind as you would not want to make your small room congested with large lighting fixtures.


Brillcool has every modern lighting fixture to suit all your needs. We have every option to make your place luxurious and functional. So, get rid of your outdated lights and give a contemporary look to your houses and offices.


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The ultimate aura of a place can be glowed in an elegant way by the ceiling lights. The glitters from the above light your room, kitchen or workplace effortlessly. A beautiful blend of graceful shapes, intricate designs along with classy colour patterns is ready to shimmer your world that is everything to you.