Your focus is too much on the here and now…

And so how can you create the wealth and riches you want while all you see is the debt and struggle of today?

When you act in fear and uncertainty, of course the result you get is more fear and uncertainty.

You cannot physically see the big vision in your head and so you think that it does not exist.  You think that you have to be sensible, practical, responsible and you have been all those things for the longest time…  Has it benefitted you at all?


You are here, struggling to make ends meet…

Struggling to believe that anything more awesome is possible and so you create more and more of the mundane.

Deliberate DESIGN your life – Firstly in your head…

Get clear, elevate that thinking, do whatever you need to do to see a bigger picture.

If necessary, read all those magazines showing pictures of what is possible and what some people are already creating.

Start to see yourself creating this…

And yes, the resistance will rear its ugly head and try to tell you that it is not possible and that you are crazy for even thinking it…


You have to get a whole lot more disciplined about elevating your thinking!


You dream a big dream and then you open your eyes and get stuck in the mundane with all its worry and doubts and fears…

You have to give that nonsense up, honey!

It is downgrading you every single day!


I know, I know how hard it can feel to keep visualising and dreaming and creating something in your mind that is not currently present in your external reality and yet, you must do it.

Because what you are currently doing is just bringing more of the same or worse your way and you are done with that, right?

Com’on!, gather those thoughts…

Discard the ones that do not help you and focus more on what you choose to create.

As you get clear on what you want, the doors will open to where you want to go…

The paths will get clearer as you get clearer…

You will come up with novel ideas and with confidence, you must make them happen.

No more second-guessing and doubting… ACT!

Act with confidence as the person you see in your mind’s eye…

Someone who easily reaches out and designs life the way you want it.

You are unlimited, believe me when I say this.

And the world is just waiting for you to realise it and step fully into the awesomeness waiting for you on the other side of the wall you trap yourself behind.

Whatever you want, you can create but you have to get to work first getting clear in mind and then powerfully taking ACTION CONSISTENTLY.

No more doubt!

ACT with power, knowing… KNOWING that what you have decided upon is absolutely YOURS!


NOW, whip out that journal and start to write exactly what you want to create…

Write, I AM _______________  (then fill in the blanks).

Write those ‘I AM’ statements as many times as you can.

I AM rich

I Am EXACTLY who my people need.

I AM full of wisdom and I AM highly sought after by leaders all over the world who want to know how they can up level and make even more of a difference in the world.

I AM now living in a mansion with a tutor for my girls and a gardener and housekeeper to take care of the mansion I live in…

I AM full of energy and health…

Those are some of my ideas, what of yours?  Write them out…

Just free flow – Let the dreams flow out of you…

Go on, speak and write into existence what you choose to have!

And as the resistance appears, see it, acknowledge it by writing it down on a separate sheet of paper and then consciously, deliberately turn it around to suit you.

And then finally, as you visualise and deliberately design life internally, tap into the ideas that bubble up within you.

Take action on them.  ACT fast!

And then through each day, keep choosing to keep your vision in mind.  Reality may speak differently at present but you CANNOT create a new reality by focusing only on what is.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live!

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