Some people consider hypertension as a disease of the century. Most of people are affected from this and It is the leading cause of death in the world. However, it will be possible to reduce blood pressure with simple gestures, beneficial to your health. So we are showing you some effective tips to get out of hypertension.

1. Fat - By changing your diet, you can reduce your blood pressure. Limit consumption of red meat, sugar and foods high in animal fats. Opt for a diet based on fruits and vegetables, white meats, fish, whole grains and nuts. You will get permanent results.

2. Salt - Limit daily intake of salt. This condiment promotes hypertension. Do not put salt on the table, but also know that salt is present in many foods, including canned, several cheeses, mustard and biscuits, among others. Make sure the labeling of products that you consume. Here you will find information on the salt content of the foods you enjoy.

3. Potassium - bananas, broccoli, asparagus, spinach and legumes are rich in potassium. However, potassium is essential for muscle contractions, including those of the heart muscle. In addition, this component also reduce the risk of stroke. Think about it when you go to market.

4. Blood pressure - Blood pressure is unstable. Your daily activities, your emotional state and your environment can affect your blood pressure. Using a sphygmomanometer quality, you will be able to determine the times of day when it is higher. In addition, many people are stressed when they go to the doctor. Data so obtained by the health care professional may be distorted.

5. Exercises - Move! Walk at least thirty minutes per day. Cycling or swimming a few times a week. Physical exercise helps soften blood vessels. Your blood pressure will decrease significantly and you can reduce your medication.
6. Coffee and tea - Moderate your consumption of coffee and tea. Caffeine stimulate brain activity and blood pressure. Some studies show, others contradict this assertion. So be careful and limit your two cups daily consumption of coffee and tea.

7. Smoking - Quitting smoking will also help reduce your blood pressure. From your first breath, your blood vessels constrict. Your pressure increases. This continues for several tens of minutes after turning off your butt. If you suffer from hypertension, tobacco cessation is an important step to improve your physical condition and your health.

8. Alcohol - same time, you will reduce your intake of alcoholic beverages. Certainly one to two drinks per day for women and three drinks for men have a beneficial effect on the heart and arteries. However, if you eat more, your blood pressure will increase. In addition, alcohol interferes with the medicines prescribed to relieve hypertension.

9. Sleep - The human body needs sleep to function well. By shortening your nights repeatedly, because of your work or your libations night, you may raise your blood pressure. While needs vary from one person to another and from one stage of life to another, every human being needs seven to eight hours of sleep per day. In addition, your body will relax and be more alert for work or leisure.

10. Weight - Control your weight. Each kilo less reduces the risk of blood pressure and, consequently, the necessary medication to reduce hypertension. Three or four pounds can therefore make a difference. Obese people should make an additional effort to achieve a healthy weight.

11. Stress - Reduce stress. Each element Stress affects your blood pressure. Take the time to live. Limit as much as possible, external aggression that may increase your blood pressure. Of course, you'll need to make efforts to reduce the impact of stress on your life, but it's worth the effort.

You're better equipped to fight hypertension. For now avoid this condition, more common in people 50 years and older. Will reduce at the same time the risk of stroke and heart problems. Healthy!

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