People talk about clothing, new trends, or celebrities at the MET gala whenever the word fashion comes up in a conversation. Most of the time, people undermine the importance of clothing that makes them feel confident about themselves. In today’s world, it is essential to be confident individuals, and they say the first impression is the last impression, which is why clothing can be one factor that makes one feel confident. Elif Köse, the Founder of Elif Köse Fashion House, understands this and has created a clothing line dedicated to empowering women through fashion.

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A Meticulous Business Approach

Elif highly values returned customers and loyalty discounts and other enticements intended to build up a personal relationship with each customer. She goes to the lengths to understand customer needs, choices, and optimal styles rather than sell. She also offers a generous return customers discount scheme.

Weaving Up Various Aspects

For the last three years on International Women’s Day, Elif hosted sell-out day-long Fashion events publicized nationally, at which she attracted a few leading speakers. These have been opportunities to launch new season products and raise the profile of her brand.

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