Acne, no one was friendly with mini bumps on this one. Either the man or woman would feel annoyed when their faces start overgrown named acne. For it "affected", then the expensive treatment began to drain the contents of your wallet.

No need for you to attend before go bankrupt even though pay for treatment of acne are generally expensive, you can also make prevention and in many cases treatment with natural and inexpensive way at home which is homemade acne treatment. How can I? A person with the use of some of these masks. Let's see together how the making!

Masks coconut oil

* For you who was 30 years old.,


2 tablespoons coconut oil (which can difraksionasi)

1-egg yolk

1-tablespoon honey

1-tablespoon yogurt

Mix all ingredients in blender. Then, use to skin and let stand for 25 minutes. Rinse with warm water and then with fresh water.

Masks mixed fruit

* As a skin freshener.,


1 / 4 apple

1 / 2 peaches

1 / 2 plum tomatoes

1 / 4 part milk

1-tablespoon almond oil


Peel all fruit and mashed until smooth. Add milk and oil into thin fruit mixture and stir the mix over medium heat. Stirring before dough is became cream, and then remove from the stove. Once cool, apply a thick skin at the surface and let stand for 30 minutes. This mask will help you to refresh skin for making acne cannot grow.

Oatmeal mask
Oatmeal wasn't only suitable for breakfast menu, but in addition healthy for your skin. Coarse texture able to scrub off dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores. How to makes it pretty easy, just mix oats with honey and rub it gently the face to repel dirt, acne, and black nodule away.

Pumpkin facemask
Pumpkin besides healthy for the body, good for skin because in addition to rich content of vitamin C and E, is also rich in mineral zinc. When use to mask the face might be soft, moist, and not dry. Simply pulverized, and immediately apply to face. Let stand several minutes, then rinse.

Facial citrus fruit
Citrus family, like the lemon, sweet orange, lemon, and others do are able to conjure a stunning skin. Natural antiseptic this can protect the skin from bacteria and germs, which are usually mentioned as a causal factor for acne. In addition, the citrus family could also reduce the oil at the face. Select the orange and mix with a little flour to form a dough paste. Apply to face, let sit half an hour, then rinse.

Good luck and hopefully helpful!

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