Achieving great success in your life is a relative accomplishment since everybody has different values, goals and priorities. This is not by any means to de-value certain accomplishments since reaching for any goal is admirable. However it is important to recognize people do have different ways of measuring success and in all cases it only comes by achieving goals. In order to become successful no matter what the goal there are always obstacles we must first triumph over that are the most noteworthy part of the entire journey. In fact more times than not the most common obstacle we encounter is our own fear. These fears are often concerning our own self doubt due to a lack of confidence, experience or even skills.

Here are 5 suggestions you can use to overcome many of the fears you may face so that you are better able to achieve your goals.

Focus on the Goal

By allowing fear to take hold your thinking is cautious and more defensive. You are not playing to win at this point but playing to minimize the damage. Fear paralyzes you and your ability to think creatively. It smothers your potential and makes every effort much harder and less effective. Focus on what it is you are trying to achieve and by doing so you will block out the fear and make your efforts more effective as well.

Remain Positive

There is a saying that goes 'if you think you can, you can, and if you think you can not, you're right!' This is in reference to 'believing' in your abilities and knowing you can and will succeed. If you do not have this feeling you are setting yourself for disappointment and failure.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

One of the biggest and most common barriers for any of us when attempting anything new is leaving our current comfort zone. You know the one, where all is familiar and we are not 'challenged' by the prospect of exerting effort and facing change. The only way to enrich your life is by adding new experiences which will require you to make and accept changes. Do this willingly and embrace the prospects of any 'positive' change you can introduce into your life!

Stop Procrastinating

Fear of the unknown sets off a common reaction inside almost everybody and that is hesitancy. If something is unfamiliar to us it is only natural we may be a bit uncomfortable with it therefore we tend to put it off. In most cases nobody likes to be 'tested' which is exactly what unfamiliar situations tend to do to us. Learn to embrace the unknown especially if you have taken measures to prepare for it.

Competition is Good

Do not fear competition but instead welcome it since it will only serve to make you better! A competitive atmosphere is a learning atmosphere and we can not improve ourselves unless we increase our own knowledge base.

Achieving great success in life is relative thing due to the varying priorities and goals of different individuals. But despite the fact that most people have their own unique ways of measuring success in their lives achieving goals is always an admirable accomplishment! Recognition must be given to the effort involved in the process without holding the achievement in 'judgment' due to its significance or degree of difficulty! In order to become successful no matter what the goal however there is a common need for most to first face and conquer certain fears. These fears are often in regards to self doubt due to lack of confidence, experience or even skills. The 5 suggestions offered above will better enable you to overcome these common fears that can inhibit your progress so that you may achieve your goals. In the end the triumph comes not so much from reaching the goal but more from the successful manner in which we manage the journey itself!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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