Modern technology and a variety of subtle energies in the environmental can cause insomnia, or the experience of sleeping the full night through, but feeling like you have not slept at all upon waking. An increase in morning aches and pains is another common symptom of invisible, energetic problems in the environment. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms noted above, here are ten unconventional, but incredibly easy strategies that can help you sleep through the night and wake up feeling completely refreshed.

1) If you have wireless Internet service, turn off the power to your wireless router, or to your modem if you do not have a router. A small antenna inside the router box transmits high-frequency radio signals in a 360 degree pattern, with a typical broadcast range of 300-500 feet from the box, even when your computer is turned off. The cells of the human body cannot fully rest in an environment that is filled with these high-frequency radio waves.

2) Your neighbors may have routers that are broadcasting wireless signals through your space. To test this, turn off the power to your router, and then see if your computer can still detect a wireless signal. If you can detect a signal, it means there are strong signals entering your space from an external source. If you have good rapport with your neighbors, ask them to turn off the power to their wireless routers at night, which will benefit them and everyone in the near vicinity. If you do not feel comfortable approaching your neighbors about their wireless transmissions, check out a company called LESS EMF at This company provides products that can help block or minimize high-frequency radio waves, including special shielding fabrics and paints.

3) If you cannot eliminate or significantly reduce the high-frequency radiations that are passing through your living and sleeping environment, consider moving to a location that is not as densely populated. If this is not possible or desirable, you may experience some relief by taking iodine supplements and/or Bentonite. Bentonite is the brand name of a natural clay that is sold in liquid or powdered form and can be found in most health food stores. Iodine and Bentonite have been used successfully to help treat environments and people with radiation poisoning, which is basically what is happening to you when you spend too much time in environments that are loaded with high-frequency radio wave transmissions. Check with your doctor before adding either of these supplements to your health and wellness plan.

4) Turn off your cell phone at night and unplug your cell phone charger when not in use. If you have a phone that uses Bluetooth technology, such as an iPhone, turn off the Bluetooth function at night or set the phone to "flight mode". Simply turning off the phone will not prevent high-frequency radiations.

5) Unplug all wireless equipment in your house, especially any equipment that is located within close proximity to your bedroom. Devices such as wireless entertainment systems and printers function by sending and receiving high frequency radio wave signals, just like your cell phone. The broadcast range is typically 30-50 feet from the device. Turning off the device may or may not turn off the high-frequency broadcast, so terminating power to the device is your best bet.

6) Move your digital clock-radio at least 3 feet away from your head or purchase a battery operated clock that does not have a brightly lit display panel. The light from the clock-radio, or any light that is left on in the bedroom when you are trying to sleep, can cause your mind and body to stay partially alert throughout the night. In addition, the electromagnetic field that emits from many clock-radios can project a foot or more from the device. If your body is positioned too close to the device, the electromagnetic field will stimulate the cells in your body and prevent perfectly restful sleep.

7) Purchase an Earthing Sleep System at, or create a similar grounding system on your own. “Earthing” means to ground your body to help it discharge electrical stress. In today’s electrically charged environments, the human body has become like a piece of electrical equipment, attracting and holding far more electricity than it was ever designed to handle. Excessive levels of electricity that move through the body or that are held by the body agitate the nervous system and other bodily functions. The grounding system mentioned above will help you purge your system of surplus electrical charge so your body can achieve a state of rest more easily.

8) Change your sleeping position. Some people are negatively affected by directional earth currents. If you are one of these people, a simple shift in the cardinal direction that your head is oriented to when you sleep might help. If you typically sleep with your head facing toward the south, try altering your position and sleeping with your head to the north, east, or west.

9) Move your bed or sleep in a different room. If you are not sleeping well there may be a geopathic zone in your bedroom. A geopathic zone is a naturally occurring situation, often caused by underground water or earth fractures. These zones can range in length and width from a few inches to many feet, and they can put great stress on the body. Typical symptoms that develop when a person sleeps in a geopathic zone include restless sleep, feeling energetically drained upon waking, stiffness or amplified aches and pains in the body, an increased frequency of sinus infections, increased snoring, aura damage, and more. Specialists called "geomancers" can often remedy these situations, but the first and least expensive action step to take is to simply move your bed to a different location in your bedroom, or try sleeping in a different room.

10) If you usually sleep with someone else, try sleeping alone, and in a separate room if possible. When human beings sleep side-by-side, each person is influenced by the other person's disruptive movements and sounds, such as breathing and snoring. In addition, many subtle energies pass between humans when they sleep next to each other, including emotional energies and thoughts. If your partner is stressed, or depressed, or sick, your body will have a very difficult time achieving a state of full relaxation and restfulness.

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Author's Bio: 

Michele Fitzgerald is the founder of the Senzar Learning Center in Sedona, Arizona, where she offers advanced training on subtle energy dynamics and power-of-thought applications. She is also the director of the Senzar Fitness Club, an online whole-life fitness program that provides intuitive-edge seminars and services for optimizing personal growth and well-being.

Michele is an accomplished intuitive and a highly energized and engaging teacher. Her involvement with power-of-thought and subtle energy technologies spans over 30 years, and she has lectured nationally and internationally on these subjects. In 2008 she published Chasing the Shadow of Free Will - An Introduction to Belief Codes, which reviews intricacies of the human thought process and her unique perspective on how this process is shaping our personal realities.

For over ten years Michele suffered from severe EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitiviy). Insomnia is a common initial and on-going symptom of EHS and general electrostress. Michele’s knowledge of subtle energy dynamics played a key role in her recovery from this debilitating health condition, and in her ability today to live happily and comfortably in the presence of high-technology.